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love live life ass || discord: Ryo#8498
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love live life ass || discord: Ryo#8498
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i played this. ITS ACTUALLY A GOOD STORYPLOT but the reason why i don't like it much is the ticket system.. and the price for it are a bit too expensive!!

bsd basically are newbie friendly!! generous enough to give free 1 ssr roll too and the gameplay is so entertaining haha



voez is def an amazimg rythm againn ever and the fact its my first one too! tho i wish the keys weren't too hard to gain



roblox is definitely one of the game where u can let ur creativity take over! i mostly play horror game in it and its so spooky and fun!!

[大哭][大哭]Ensemble Star is so good its just so hard to get the cards u wanted but overall its amazing[開心][開心][開心][開心][開心]

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