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sprites don't load, clunky and bad controls... genrally a bad launch and as expected everything is recycled from older castlevania games... overall not worth it.

do yourself a favor and play symphony of the night if you want an actually fun castlevania game...

Project Babel


Servers are unstable, download never finishes and keeps downloading the same archive forever... Too bad wanted to try this today. I'll fix if the servers get stable tomorrow...

Last Cloudia | Japanese


Same stuff as brave frontier and FFBE... was expecting something different. Damn the character draw rate is baaaad... mixed pool of of characters and whatever these other things are in the gacha, 2 10 rolls and one 4* Tix and not a single playable character...

Insta-uninstalled sorry, this a no go for me...

Device not supported, Tell people that before having them download 1.4GB of data. Useless devs these days really...

graphically speaking it looks decent, the gameplay however is pretty mediocre MMO style and pretty early on you already find "walls" in stages we're if you're not strong enough or have high rarity gear you're screwed...

Also no gold dungeon... No gold no enhance stuff which means you're stuck which in turn means no more advancing the story...

to summarize, good game terribly designed gameplay wise... IMO it's pretty mediocre...

One of the best RPG for smartphones created by former staff of dream team, the creators of Chrono Trigger! also no pvp or any competitive stuff making the game far more enjoyable and not predatory like 99% of most mobages!

outdated looks and very similar to white cat project in gameplay and graphics, quite disappointed. Dragalia Lost seems headed in the same way too... Back to FGO sadly...

Azur Lane | English


No problems while playing the game, downloaded and opened fine, great game so far. looking forward to the future updates and more ship girls!

First of all I love the Fate series and while the game might get repetitive later on it always makes you play it with a constant stream of new events and mechanics being implemented from time to time.

For the first time in years the player no longer depends on ultra rare gold units to survive or advance! Each character is useful with the right setup and you can even complete the game with 1* units!

The game soundtrack is amazing and gets even better on certain events, the farming aspect for materials these days has been reduced drastically since you can exchange lots of materials from event shops.

Best of all, If you need a core character you can borrow it from a friend to save you from a pinch! Quartz (premium currency) might be expensive but even F2P can easily assemble a great team provided they spent on banners wisely.

First thing you should know is that summon rates are pretty bad for specific units, more often than not you will almost always get dupes on 10 part rolls and almost always the same unit dupes at that...

The soundtrack the game uses is kinda bland, nothing good, nothing bad...

The gameplay is pretty much auto with just skill use when you tap them. Gear and meta characters makes pretty much useless to try to use other units unless your aim isn't being at the top.

Kinda ok game but outdated gameplay and system to this day.

Quite a fresh start from the hordes of generic clone smartphone games these days, you actually need to think before being able to progress further into the game. There are guilds, daily tower, co-op dungeons, among other things.

Shards system might be old and it might scare people away but at least it's not predatory in this game, gacha gives complete characters while dupes give you a special currency to exchange for other character shards until you have enough to complete said character if you don't get it from gacha.

I love danmachi and certainly like the fact that wright flyer did this game like they did with another eden but with many improvements. Only cons I can find are the censored touching mini game on character profiles and the "Hallway" linear dungeon design...

ALAZ Mobile


Just another crappy chinese auto MMO im which you just press AUTO and profit...



Kinda OK game, apparently the only selling point are the character models. The gameplay is kind of like rock, papper and scissors thing... Might install again later.

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download never finishes and the app says it can't continue the download, if you try to continue with the download the file being downloaded just keeps resetting over and over.... stuck with 240 MB left that never download... Read Note
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