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alec (he/him, 18) im from italy and uhm i love games n metal? my Instagram is @squalec
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alec (he/him, 18) im from italy and uhm i love games n metal? my Instagram is @squalec
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Dragon Raja | Global


best mmorpg ever

my fav rhythm game lol, has super cool characters, nice backstory and the BEST cards ever. songs are alternative rap with some rock or pop and they're all great. stage plays 10/10. events are very good *cough cough not like enstars and its possible to get event cards even without playing a lot.

so different from jp....

Clash Of Sky丨English


gonna try it brb

Shadow Hunter: Lost World


this is so cool, finally a hack n slash that I actually like!!!

Tokyo 7th Sister


one of the hardest rhythm games i ever played !

really different playstyle compared to bandori or enstars.
difficulty: harder than other rhythm games
graphics and ui: all cards are pretty and the home screen is intuitive
gacha rates: idk im not using gacha very much :')
songs: not a lot of tracks but its okay since its kinda hard and u need some time to fc songs

cons: mv behind the live is okay, but the colors are too similar to the judgment line and notes (ik it can be turned off but mvs are pretty :))
character skill cutscene may be invasive (i turned them off)
sometimes has problems connecting even if my internet connection is good

Dragalia Lost


ok i don't usually review stuff but holy crap this game is SO GOOD. I've played for just some weeks but I already have some 5* adventures and i think thats rlly good ! plus, i had pecorine (from princess connect! re:dive) and im really happy :) rewards and gacha rates are good and the story/levels are not too hard. maybe raid events take a long to match with other players but otherwise it's norms. farming material can be kinda difficult because of the skip tickets but otherwise is ok.

big pro: during their anniversary theyre giving out 10 free pulls every day and in total they'll be more than 400 pulls. i think its more than generous and got some really cool characters from these pulls :)



gacha rates are terrible. truly. laggy gameplay and very few login rewards. im sticking to genshin rn :/



meh, daily login norms, can't get skins without spending money on this game. the notes offset (not sound, but the distance from judgement line where u have to tap) is REALLY bad. as an enstars, prosekai, bandori, arcaea player i find this terrible, not even in dancerail3 its so offset. thats why gameplay 2/5. sorry

ok listen here. this game is VERY F2P. i mean...they give you 200+ gems every week (10 pulls) and SSR characters vy just logging in. been playing for about two years now, took also very long pauses from the game, but still have about 30 ssr (excluding duplicates and some i mistakenly used as level up material when i was a noob LOL). i even pulled 2 SSR eurora on the same x10 pull on the past banner so yeah its a luck I'll never have in genshin


edit: I'm reading story translations. now i am very sad and gay

cant understand the story since its Japanese but:

pros: 3D lives - for like Christmas or character's birthday there wilk be some lives in different time of the day so peiple with different time zones xan all see the live.
- intuitive layout even if its Japanese
- its cool that you can unlock songs in MASTER by doing that song in expert with 7 or less "good"(or lower) notes.
- you can turn off 3D MV during live if you cant concentrate
- there is the retry button (many games (like banG dream) send you to home screen and you have to enter live again, unless you buy a pass)

cons: - gems arw incredibly hard to earn and gacha costs a lot :')
- after 20/25 mins starts lagging and you have to close and reopen the game
- they give too few tickets to buy songs, so you cant unlock all (i play since October and i still have ~15 songs not unlocked)

edit: repetitive events, gets kinda boring. i just log to get daily gems. latest updates got MASSIVE bad aspects. loading screen time (chapter / story loading, between areas, etc) is VERY long (this was an issue on 2021 and they fixed it for like 1 month and then bye???) and lags much more. always used same phone that during 2021 summer managed to play lv27/28 without lag, now after 15~ minutes the phone overheats and/or lags. it was a bug in optimization when the game launched and it was fixed near may. its back again after anniversary and new year updates. if the game keeps going like this I'll probably loose interest. no hate since im affectionate to all the characters and the beautiful art. but these things..

Obey Me! Shall we date?


only problem:takes a long time to load screens + chat system is not very intelligent. it wpuld be better to go the next chat with a button instead of going back and entering the chatroom again.
in general, good game, i like it :)

Protocol:hyperspace Diver



really cool tho, id give it a go!!! it's offline too ;) small size, there are not content download

this is so cute TwT
7gb on my phone but its okay since its so good <3
trying to gacha some Christmas event characters ùwú, the gacha system is not to bad

Easy Poser


so difficult to use! magic poser is way better. sorry :''

Among Us


a part from errors is super cool, taked ~100mb and uses very little mobile data. great.

Sangoku BASSA!!


really good game! just ~250MB on my phone and ot has cool graphics and spund effects. has all basic rpg features and its very fun to play. you can also add friends and change teams, weapons, upgrade characters etc.

the only problem is charging: takes kinda long to charge every level(?) so it's annoying if you have bad internet, but otherwise its worth giving it a try

very cool game! it has lots of different features and playibg styles: from the ads i thought it would be candy-crush style game, but i gave it a go, and you can upgrade characters, expand your city, etc. it's really good and fun :)

doesnt even open (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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