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i love peace
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i love peace
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Halo teman-teman, nama aku Himemiya Tori. Aku pengen bilang game ini jelek bangeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Jangan di download nanti kalian nyesel!!!!!!!!!!!
Tapi bohong hehe, gamenya bagus banget aku sukak, hehe. Udah ya guys segitu aja bye~

{New Update: Now CODE ATMA fully in English. The translation is pretty accurate by the way. Also i uploaded a note in timeline}

Glad the developer still keep their eyes and updating the game constantly. [You can check their ig : @codeatma ]

The main character is pretty mature, aside from the atma (the spirits) the story id realistic and relatable if you live in Indonesia. Many weird things happend in here, hoho.

The player can choose option but it doesn't really matter to thr story.

The concept and design is nice, this might be look similar to certain game out there, just the difference they made it Idle. I wish they add more features.

It's not so hard to gain gold/diamond (and even gacha tickets) in this game.I don't know with you guys, maybe i'm just a little bit lucky because i got two five stars atma in the first week playing. (Can't really remember but i installed this app at 20 Dec)

Anyway i want new skin for Vrahatnala, he deserves much [開心]

Ikemen Vampire | English


I legit read everyone reviews about grabbing money thing. It's pretty different back then, but i will give it another try anyway

(might edit this soon)

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Please ayu guys~ (人*´∀`)。*゚+ Let's play together, i am on level 89 so i think i suppose to look for Kouhais ❤️
Ayu yuu kita kerjain bareng yang bisa dan baru main 
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