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Hello! Please, call me Emi. Besides that, I enjoy playing anime games; especially ones whose characters I know, yet they haven't been released yet...
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Hello! Please, call me Emi. Besides that, I enjoy playing anime games; especially ones whose characters I know, yet they haven't been released yet...
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Genshin Impact


I think I'm officially a MiHoYo fangirl, as I've played one of their games, being Honkai Impact, and was thrilled to the brim with that experience and still enjoy it since the first time I've played. And now, with Genshin's release, wow was I hyped! I had high expectations for this game that I didn't know with what to expect in it. All I knew is that I was ready for some more of MiHoYo's service.

I wasn't disappointed.

Let's talk Graphics. MiHoYo's known for a lot of things, and with Honkai, I was most definitely expecting great graphics. We got that. Everything was beautiful to see. Though this is their first full open-world game, you can see the effort even with a potato phone. We stan for potato phones [厲害]

Sound. Some may say that it's boring and sleepy, but I see this from a different perspective. While I will go over this more in gameplay, Genshin Impact, in my opinion, is not a game that you can rush in. This is a game meant to be enjoyed at a slow, steady, and above all, relaxing pace; and the music reflects that with its soothing and mellow tunes. Of course, the battle music changes and speeds up, making you alert and energetic for whatever battles you're facing.

Gameplay. I see others compare Genshin to Breath of the Wild, but as I know nothing about that game, I'll just use Honkai instead as that is the most similar gameplay. You could definitely tell some elements from Honkai (and maybe other games) influenced the gameplay. It's still hack 'n' slash, it's got those elemental weaknesses, it's got gacha, but a lot of other games have those. However, even so, Genshin still maintains its own identity in my book. Yet I must say: It is grindy. It does take a while to rank up. However, as I mentioned earlier, I believe this game is meant to be relaxing, not thrilling like Honkai. Sure, you've got your battles where it's tough and you've gotta make sure you break that stupid monster's shield before he rams into you with it, but other than that thus far, the gameplay is pretty mellow. My advice is to do whatever you can each time you play to lessen the grind. Every little bit is progress, and that every little bit eventually adds up to a great amount of progress. This game has just been released in multiple regions, so it most definitely has time to improve this feature and others if need be.

Storyline. Okay, I haven't played through all the story. I'm just a mere Rank 12. But, with what I see, I already like it. It flows. It feels natural. You, the MC? Feels naturally immersive, and I mean some of the dialogue lines you get to choose, and what other characters say. Speaking of "say," I have the English dub, and I really wasn't expecting English voice lines, but they aren't too bad!

TL;DR All in all, Genshin Impact is a great game to just sit back, relax, and play without it being some idle game. Beautiful graphics, mellow and soothing sound effects, and hopefully a playful story and its characters to keep you interested and invested to ease the grind.

IMPORTANT NOTE : GENSHIN IMPACT IS A BIG APP. 6.63 GB. Please, take my and others' reviews into great consideration before deciding to download if your phone cannot handle such a big app. ALSO, in my case, it drains your battery quickly, so please take caution with that as well!

Hope my review was helpful! [微笑]

My first review on a game, yet, words cannot describe the joy of Honkai. Actually, they can, for the sake of this review. Honkai Impact 3rd is a joyride. I absolutely love it.

STORY : The story? You can see the natural progression of character development, and it can bring tears to your eyes. English translation is well done. Speaking from experience, I've cried more than once reading the story involved with the game that you can see. They also have a manga, which I have not touched yet.

GRAPHICS & SOUND : Graphics are beautiful for 3D/CGI, miHoYo have outdone themselves with this. In terms of audio, you'll recognize a few famous Japanese voices. I find the music okay, though. I usually tune it out.

GAMEPLAY : If you like real-time and interactive battles, then Honkai's gameplay is definitely for you. Each Valkyrja has her own playstyles, graphics, and roles. For example, Theresa's Celestial Hymn battlesuit is more suited for supporting your team, her ultimate skill draws in enemies and creates enough CC for you to utterly annihilate them with your more DPS-focused Valks, like Seele's Swallowtail Phantasm or Stygian Nymph suits. I will not lie about the grind, as to get your Valks to SSS rank, which is the highest rank you can get them, takes a lot of work. It's usually worth it. Most Valks and their weapons and stigmata are gacha, too, but even so, I believe the game is very F2P. Events are regular and are doable without the use of cash, just be sure to be active! [厲害]

Note: The HD assets and Standard assets can take up a lot of space, so please take caution with your phone's storage space when downloading the extra stuff! Other than that, I hope Honkai gives you a nice experience.

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