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the best alkaloidP ever
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the best alkaloidP ever
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this franchise is slowly sucking out my soul. this franchise is hell and heaven on earth. this franchise is everything you could ever ask for.

it's so addicting to be into such an amazing franchise, in which characters have so much space for character development. you'll get to watch them grow as people and you'll experience first hand how beautifully the characters are all written, and how amazingly well this is all done. this is definitely my favourite thing about aaside - seeing as these characters will be able to come to understand things around them and how situations can impact them so much.

argonavis means the whole world to me and i can't wait to see what will happen in the coming days, months, years. i want to see so much from this franchise and i can only think of the positives.

please give this a chance if you're looking for a new game in which you can easily get attached to the characters, all while enjoying amazing music and a wonderful rhythm game! 🙏🙏

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