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Hi there!!! I'm deaf this can't hearing and speaking it but i love play in game
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Hi there!!! I'm deaf this can't hearing and speaking it but i love play in game
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That's greatly!!! i really love utapri this for fun the best... My current's like to 2 sever JP and Global, cause of i following it would be official was worked in way to very well there, i missing more again for 2 years ago of JP. I appreciated it that's no problem 😍

Onmyoji | English


It's great that looks liked to onmyoji, actually i has remember for this my brother used to starts player when i was wanting played it there a lot of shikigami's very beautiful so much!!! but it's been to playing so well... My favorite the most is onmyoji this is the anyone has helpful to me going to farm and soul more than too much, somethings i think there are someone's one of a good person while i seen it's nothing at no problem, without the happiness. and i'm feeling to heard music of the amazing, what a day wonderful!!! how i can i have drew my hands in amulet at who's will be came home for my happy to meets old shikigami this if i liked to realize one of all, i also wants helpful so much!!! ❤

i'll still never missing to onmyoji this i'm online at going to work way for helping someone's wanted soul as farm there a lot!!! i can't lazy to offline that's just a little at player it! but my divice weren't not be problem for i seen so lightly!!!

thanks for the reading!

Disney Twisted Wonderland


the playing there are greatly!!! 😍 my feels liked to better that it was so handsome of my remember as the past, i never forgot from disney world is the important for i'm always love all of them and it would to be good to player itself.... i can hope i finally has get it while it use to japanese under english as very well this is my current's loved to us, but i'll still missing actually... looks as the movie for princess of disney because when childhood, the first i usally started watch to movie there is so funny a lot more! time for i'm going to want player myself for disney worlderland from a new one of this.

If whos like this cause of ur remember to lover it as disney's someone the most, you can wanted realize to player it'll great on the some day please. i hope you can do it.

Thank you for the reading.☺

I'm did watching for utapri since 5 years ago this i just can ustall to player it the utapri. Actually, i was sure of try it game there i felt hearing to a voice so amazing that somthings i will be happy to utapri also i always love ittttt!!! ❤❤❤i like the songs "maiji 1000% from 3000% and Quarter Night" there my love in the important at played of utapri 😍 but i ever getting anything to deleted and forgets from utapri... I'm a fan utapri in the best ❤ and thank you so much for interesting!!!
Pls,we can do helped it together!!! i'm glad for the peoples to the utapri this.

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I'm deaf and can't hear-speak. Who's following in me if you want added it then i was did appreciate for you... Nice meet to you.
But i just can helped to you has a nice of happiness.
Have a nice day. Thank you so much!! ❤
 ID: 283535244. 
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