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Need any help? Ship HokutoxSubaru!!
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Need any help? Ship HokutoxSubaru!!
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I can create my own styles and is so good and cute!!

This game is cute and the ending is normal to me.

The story is a bit confused but the ending is good!

Love Love Tsun Tsun


The VA make me fall in love with these characters!

FR: The Men of Yoshiwara


This game is so interesting!

interesting storyline and the ending is good (expect the bad ending)...

Best game ever (game as music) i like the storyline even though i don't understand and i like KAITO the most cute and funny!

The game is so interesting and a little boring...But i have a fun this game.



Is hard to play i just play the easy one but is so fun![開心]

Flower Boy Athletic High


I fall in love with this game!!The storyline is interesting and the ending is good.

SECRET Fan Crush | Global


i like the tutor teacher he do handsome and the storyline is good.

This game is like my type i like mystery game have a romance!!The ending is so good!

I like this game!!Best game ever!!

IDOLiSH7 | Japanese


The storyline is so good and the gameplay is good too!

The Queens Number


At first i don't understand the story but later i enjoy the story!Interesting and my type game

Time Of The Dead


I like this game and the story is so interesting!

This game same as Ensemble Stars but have a interesting story.

Promise of Wizard


This game is so cute and interesting!

Best game ever even though i don't understand Japanese but interesting!

Yotsume God -Reunion-


best game ever!!

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Beta i want to try play the beta game enstar but how? Read Note
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