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this game has a lot to offer that most reviewers missed so here are some of their best features:

- they're adding a new band every month
- new songs on the weekly
- catchy music from all kinds of genres
- has music and bands based off real-life bands and artists (maximum the hormone, yabai t-shirts ya-san, marie ueda, clammbon, and lots more)
- fully voiced stories
- character design ranges extremely wide from how the myumons can literally be anything - animals, monsters, and even food
- f2p friendly, easily earn melodisians from clearing song missions, reading stories and partaking events

outside of the game, show by rock would occasionally hold livestreams and concerts for anyone who's a fan. it's overall a fun thing to get into.

thanks for reading and don't forget to stan mashumairesh ❤❤❤

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