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I'm a king at cyberspace. Ask me anything you want to find on the Internet.
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I'm a king at cyberspace. Ask me anything you want to find on the Internet.
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well one of the coolest game i have ever played on mobile.
everthing is so satisfying.
+f2p friendly
+tones of things to do. unless u r lvl.80 or so.
+events are ok. not perfect.
+character s are awesome.
+graphic is so detailed and almost perfect.
+better than genshin.
+people at eu server are silent :D no one communicate with you. only offline help. armada/guild is actually no use. with or without it nothing really changes.
+story is not bad but could've been so much better. well it's a mobile game so that's it
+gameplay is well polished. mechanic is also very detailed and tactical. everything has a reason in this game.

well that's it. i think. this game is the game you never forget.

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can't Play the game. keep telling me "under maintenance..." what's wrong with you developers!? can't you just solve this. if it's global then why i can't play it ? global means all countries. if you're a god damn racist why don't you just tell ? what's your problem with middle East ? we're here to play not raging wars against eachother. I'm people not government ! idiots

well this game is full of waifu s, and if you're the guy the what are you waiting for !?
the ui could be more friendly, it is kinda strange for me. it's like old games somehow. i think ui should have been more attractive.
the game is also rewarding.
the story line has much to improve yet. nothing special.
other things are good for me not wow.
i put it on my favourite game because there are much to do in the game.
so that's it for now.

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