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Animae Arche | Japanese


I love Phubaot(Anibon) That all of it.
Download This game or die b*tch

umm....good game// I'm not good in English
full voice ❌ hopefully OBT it will have
Grphic good but background are too low cost need more sharp
Game bot are too very easy setup
Character balance I dun know it's cbt
Storyline: it's Japanese if you want to use translate untill end the story it can do~
Value if you simp it good for spend some your money in the back of fridge but pls sure your wife/parents has not to bonk you after that

Fantasia Re:build


Give Me Waifu and you'll get 5 Star ✨

Verynice L2D
Nice Sound
Gameplay are simple(same orther game)
Storyline nice??
Value ohhh no no no I D A R E you!!
SSR= Powerful
Normal = notgood
Common= delete it
You should play this game for Waifu and help you self for night time dude
Phuboat(ANIBON) So SIMP BOY and have Smol Penes

Gacha so....weeb shit and Interface so...ummm....How? You make this game? I can make it too duede...Value no no no. don't hope to got .my money bitchess

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Finally:Power Of OneRoll
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