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i like gacha games. (°w°)
ya boi 44842586

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i like gacha games. (°w°)
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Mashu is the best kouhai.

Secret Forest Cats


I enjoyed it! ( ・ิω・ิ)

Toilet Paper Factory Idle


It was fine. Nothing I'd write home about.

Purrfect Spirits


Cute and fun. [厲害]

It's an alright time killer. Gave me some laughs.

Cat ice cream shop


Cat ice cream shop is cute and pleasingly straightforward.

SAKURA School Simulator


This is way more fun than it has any right to be. I love it.

Custom Cast


I wish they had an ad watching system in place for earning free currency. [不滿]
Other than that, I like it.

The customization for the shrine is cool.
I lost interest when the gameplay became a loop of waiting to earn the currency, watching ads, and re-decorating sometimes.

Please release a summer Passionlip, DW. [大哭]

OH~! My Office


(Subjective) The artwork style is alright. It neither satisfies or disappoints me.

The gameplay flow is simple, but addicting.

Lower rarity characters are fairly useful. Their abilities often make it worth their lower money generation capabilities.

I've been skipping the story the whole time. I can't give that a fair review, so it has been left blank.

The premium currency is given to the player quite generously.

The fever mode animations can be annoyingly intrusive, on levels where you can't afford to fall behind.

There are only a few total music tracks in the game. And they will start to drive you crazy, if you play long enough.

The UI feels clunky all around.


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