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rythm game enthusiast
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rythm game enthusiast
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Cookie Run: OvenBreak


As of the new no chest in gachas update, this game turned (respectfully) trash.

I don't even enjoy doing cookie trials or anything else, it's just so demanding.
As others said before me, spending 2900 diamonds for only one specific cookie and not 5 other as well was a horrible idea, devs, what were you thinking, seriously.

And the collection of those star jelly things in trials is just no fun.
You run your booty off and only get one, if you're lucky enough.

The graphics and sounds are fortunately still good, but the worth and value has gone 📉📉
For me at least.

Bring back the gacha chests devs !!!
No one likes the new 'gacha' [發怒]

The main story too, is becoming more and more boring. Why not let it end it where it should end and only do side stories, irrelevant to the main story.

I'm sorry about this game, cause I genuinely loved playing with it.

Change is not always good.
Sometimes sticking to the good is best.

Exos Heroes


I kinda stopped playing it after the 'Massive Update' cause...I don't know what the devs were thinking. Like, they actually thought that the changes they made were in any way good?

The new way to defeat bosses became a 100times harder, cause they became more powerful and very unlikely to be defeated. Like, with your best squad, you'll have a hard time.

Not talking about the graphics, cause that's maybe for me only, but during gameplay and in the lobby, the background and some characters are completely white, which is really unpleasing to look at to say the least..

Well yes, I haven't opened it for weeks now, but I hope when I do I'll get a good vibe and no funky white stuff.

By the way, the story is good so far where I'm at (ch 11 if I remember right) and I guess it'll just get better.
Gacha rates kinda suck now, but I got what I wanted already so I'm good. ^^

You may want to try the game out for yourself first, if you haven't yet, and not believe to any reviews posted. Only maybe the longer ones cause they usually spit actual facts hehe.
Just be aware that if you start now, the stuff you get will not get you anywhere because of the 'massive update'. But good luck anyways! ! [開心]

Lord of Heroes


Okay, after playing for 2 years, I can say, that it became soo pay to win that it's disgusting.
You literally can't get any new character without paying at least 30 or so $.

The enemies too, are soo difficult to beat if you don't have at least 5 star heroes, and it makes the whole experience very sad in general.

Leveling up your boys and girls takes an awful lot of time and equipment too, but trust me, it's worth it.

The only great thing about this whole game, is the story itself, not gonna lie, the start of the extreme difficulty had me in tears for the most part.

Not speaking of the grapics, boy that is some top tier animation right there.

Sounds? Music? Effects?
You can't see that anywhere else.

Anyway, ever since this became a gacha game, it all went downwards for me. I mean, it was kindof already a gacha gane when it first started out...well whatever.

The only thing I can say for sure, that if you like turn based games and are patient, and don't mind spending an awful lot of time leveling up everything, then this game is for you.
I also recommend not spending any money, if you first start out. They ask for a lot and give you technically nothing in return.

I wanted to trash talk this game, but by the end of the day, the story is what keeps me here, if not my boi Rashad, who was the only character I ever purchased. (I won't mention that I only buy him because he's voiced by Morikubo Shoutaro, my all time favourite, so I just couldn't misd out cmon [大哭])

So this was it, I'm glad I found this game, but a bit sad that I can't enjoy it like I did back then. [難過]



I've been longing for a chinese rhythm game for looong
And boom, here's this. I couldn't be happier. I'm so so so glad I found this!!
Quality is superb, songs are brilliant, and it even has the song from my favourite web comic :D
Wish there were more songs tho..

The overall game is nice, but if anyone could help me with one thing I would be very grateful.
So this is my second account because I'm somehow not able to gain acces to my previous one. I wrote down my ID, and I use the same name as before, and funnily, I can search my acc when I want to add it to my friend list, but can't log in to it.
Anyone know how to solve this? Please I had 4star Rui, I want him back 😔[大哭]

HoneyWorks Premium Live


Honestly, the live part is trash, I hate it way too much, but then the gacha rate is great.
I hate that when you play live, there's that circle thing at the top, that bothers me.
And it wouldn't be so hard to actually play if the game would be so kind to accept the things when I hit them.
Otherwise great graphics and is actually pretty good.
I don't actually care about the storyline so I skip them.
Might be good idk.

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