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She/her. Transcriber. Gamer. Music Enthusiast. Bookworm. Coffee Addict || AASide. IDOLiSH7. GBP. D4DJ. Paradox Live ||
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She/her. Transcriber. Gamer. Music Enthusiast. Bookworm. Coffee Addict || AASide. IDOLiSH7. GBP. D4DJ. Paradox Live ||
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I'm currently watching the anime so I was surprised to see that they made a game of it - And it supports English too so yay.

One of the things that drew my attention to the anime, aside from the story, is the art. The artwork for the anime is carried over to this so that's a plus for me.

Good. Plus the seiyuu lineup they have is top notch - Akira Ishida, Junichi Suwabe, Kenichi Suzumura and Yuichi Nakamura to name a few.

It's a visual novel where you read and choose answers, the only thing that differentiates it from your typical visual novel is you investigate stuff. There's also a gacha system where you can gain extra stories (with CGs) and items from. The rate for the limited time gacha is 6% and 4% for the standard gacha which are pretty high rates compared to other games that has them.

The gacha currency for this game is called ambers and you can earn those from watching ads, daily logins and from the store. Aside from ambers, you can also earn coins through exploration and you can use those to unlock some main story chapters/sub-chapters and buy extra stories.

For the main story, you can read chapters/sub-chapters by using (5) tickets every day which replenishes everyday at 5 AM (Unfortunately don't know what time zone they use).

Vampire and human conflict thing like usual - I don't really know why I don't get tired of these kinds of stories... LOL. Anyway, they made a whole new character just for this game, a young man who just turned into a vampire - 17 years old and already dead or undead I should say. Haven't read much yet but the story for this game was written by Bun-o Fujisawa himself so it's probably good as well.

I love reading and so visual novels are my thing. Since this game involves a lot of reading, some may find it boring unless you like visual novels and reading like I do. It has great looking characters and like I said, I like the story of Mars Red and since it's written by the same guy who made the original source material, then it's probably up to par with it.


I've waited for this game since it was announced in 2019. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked with work and some personal stuff so I wasn't able to play it when it was released last January. Now that I have more time, I downloaded and have been playing it for a few weeks so I feel like I could properly give it a review.

MENU/UI - Navigating through the game is fairly easy, maybe because I also play Garupa and I find their menus kind of the same, except for the part where the AAside boys do stuff to gain items. As for the UI, I think it's okay... I just wish you could change the color or maybe you can? Idk since it's in Japanese. But I mean, if you can't change it then you're stuck with white and blue. It would be nice if you could change it, like it'd be different when you change bands. I have Furai as my primary band and it would've been nice if you can use like yellow and orange or whatever for the UI.

SOUND/MUSIC - They're great. The reason why I love the Bang Dream franchise is because of the songs. The original songs and also the covers are always top notch.

ARTWORK/CHARACTER DESIGN - They're so-so. Some of the cards looks a little meh to me but that's just me (probably). They're a little simple too. I do have to say that I really like the conversation sprites, they move fluidly in my game and I like that they're in 3D instead of 2D. The chibis are really cute too.

GAMEPLAY - Same with other rhythm games except that I don't like that you can't change the shape of the buttons. I also only use the 2D version where you use the art for a card you have instead of the 3D one where the bands play in the background and because of that, I don't experience any lags or whatever. If your phone is a little old and crappy like mine, setting the performances like this is a necessity... Lol

STORY - Haven't read much translations of the main story or the band stories since I only really have time to play. I did read all of Misaki's card stories and I think they're okay - I got to know him better. I'll edit this when I get to read more of the main story/band stories.

VALUE- It's probably not eveyone's cup of tea and I may be biased coz I'm a fan of the franchise, but I would definitely recommend this game to people who are looking for a rhythm game to play. The game isn't perfect and can improve on a lot of things and eventually, I expect it will. I wasn't disappointed and I'm really happy that Bushi finally released it.

***In my opinion, AAside has the potential to be as popular as Garupa, it just needs time to shine. And I hope they'd make an English version so more people would know and enjoy it coz the boys deserve the love. 😊😊😊

A great rhythm game to try. Not a huge fan of the character designs, but I think the music makes up for it. Also, I can't say much about the story coz it's in Japanese but I imagine it'll be something like Bandori. As for the menu, just use a translator (like I do) and you won't have a problem.

Not a fan of match 3 games but I thought I'd try this out. You use the stars you get from winning a level on designing your office building which I like a lot. You can also watch Aggretsuko episodes that gives you a diamond as a reward when you unlock them, said episodes can also be saved on your phone. There's also a character gacha that costs 30,000 gold with a drop rate of 2.703%... The rate is kinda meh, but I really don't mind. Tbh, this game brings nothing new to the table but I find it quite addicting and a fun game to pass time - RECOMMENDED.

I really have no complaints about this game. Everything is straightforward, unlike other games where you get overwhelmed with all of the stuff you need to do to strengthen your characters or the weapons they're using. Gathering stuff to strengthen them is fairly easy to obtain too.

I also find it generous with gems to use on gachas which I'm really happy about. The game is also smooth even with high graphics and since I'm an old gamer, I appreciate the whole look and gameplay of it - just like an old school RPG. Anyway, it's a great mobile RPG game to try.

At first, I'm not really a fan of the character designs 'coz I found them too simple... Until I saw Seiji Shingen... 😁 Just kidding. Anyway, I appreciate it more now but I'm still not crazy about it.

The performances are also very smooth when I use the standard 3D which I'm happy about.

I love it, especially Dramatic Stars' songs - I even listen to them on Youtube when I have the time. The other songs are great too and I love their dance moves.👍

I understand why some people hate it especially when they've played a gazillion other rhythm games, but it doesn't bother me that much. I actually find it unique that there's only one button to tap throughout the whole song - I suck at rhythm games, so this is challenging enough for me... LOL

As for the gacha, rates are so-so. And Idk if it's just me, but I find it hard to collect stuff to strengthen your card - kinda grindy.

Can't say much about it since I can't find translations of the main story. If anyone here knows a link for translations, please tell me - It'd be much appreciated.

TBH, there are other rhythm games that are better like Enstars or Utapri, but it's an okay game for me, enjoyable - I play it when I have nothing else to play or when I'm waiting for the SPs or BPs or whatever of my other games to replenish.

If you're the type of rhythm game player who likes hardcore stuff, then this game would probably not be for you as it would not be challenging enough, BUT if you're a player like me who's mostly chill, then you'd probably enjoy it. 😊

Crashy Cats


This is one of those games that has repetitive gameplay but really addicting. I like that ads aren't intrusive like other games, the cats are super cute too. It's a great game to pass time.

Alto's Odyssey


Since I loved the first Alto game, I naturally had to try this one out to see what they improved on or whatever. Idk if it's just me but I didn't find it too different from the first game, except for a few things they added like the wall thingy and such. It's still a great game to pass time.

Alto's Adventure


There was a time that I played this game nonstop for like 2 or 3 days - There's just something about it that gets you hooked. It looks great, the music is relaxing, gameplay is repetitive after awhile but somehow it didn't bore me like other endless runner games. If you need a great game to pass time, then this one is a must-try.

I played A LOT of Gamehouse games but this is probably my favorite out of all of them. The story is intriguing coz I love Greek Mythology and Jackie is a great heroine - Beautiful, fearless, can hold her own.

I also like the fact that the things you do differs for every chapter, like you can work in Jackie's office, in a museum, and a hospital to name a few - It keeps me interested coz you don't do the same thing throughout the game.

It's also easy to get bonuses so Jackie can walk faster, have the customers be more patient, etc. There are ads before and after playing the stages, but I don't really mind... It's the price I pay for being able to play it for free. If you're a fan of time management games, then I recommend you to try this one out.

My favorite Sengoku-based otome game. I've been playing this game for years and I still love it. The routes are always good (Sasuke's route is the only route that kinda disappointed me), even the event stories are good and especially the guys - I love all of them. I don't even mind that I need to wait for tickets every day. I just hope that they can add more routes to the game, like some of the other retainers and ninjas.

Pokémon Café ReMix


Whenever there's a new Pokemon game, I always try it out since I love Pokemon. This game is really, really cute - I can't tell you guys how many times I've said awww when I see new Pokemon coming to the cafe.

The gameplay is easy, and this is coming from a person who really sucks at these kinds of games, so yeah. It's a good time waster. As for probs with the game, I haven't encountered any but who knows for other people who have tried it. Anyway, this is a good game to try for Pokemon fans.



I don't know anything about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, I don't know the story and who's who but that didn't stop me from enjoying this game. The chibis are really cute and I like that you can decorate rooms and stuff. It's quite addicting tbh. Must try for peeps who like puzzle games and of course, JoJo fans.

I'm a fan of Lucifer and I loved the anime back in the 90s, so seeing this game that has Sakuya, Yukifumi and Atsuro's kids made me feel kinda old... LOL.

I was expecting this game to be a rhythm game coz it has bands and an idol group in it... Turns out, you play it like a board game. I find it unique tbh, but that's just me.

Anyway, the game is okay - graphics and music are great, the dudes are hot, main story is so-so, and it has a great seiyuu line-up. Gacha rates is so-so as well, 3% I think? Same as other gacha games. I'm also happy that you can reroll your initial pull... I can't tell you how long I rerolled just so I can get Shion's EXR 😁.

I haven't played the previous Ensemble Stars so I don't know much about it. But I think it's cool that they made two types of games for this: a raising sim and a rhythm game. I chose Music coz I prefer rhythm games atm.

But anyway, I was a bit overwhelmed when I first saw the log-in page coz there are a lot of idols in this game... I had to Wikipedia the guys so I can choose from which group to choose my initial card from! (I chose Koga for those of you who are curious!)... LOL.

I'm not gonna say much except that the graphics and music are great. I also like that you can decorate your office coz it gives me something else to do. I'm not gonna comment on the gacha rates anymore coz it seems that 3% is the standard percentage of 5* cards for gacha games nowadays.

So far, I like it. It's a good game to try if you wanna try a new idol/rhythm game.

I've been a KOF fangirl since 1994 (JAPAN TEAM and the FATAL FURY TEAM!) and I was so happy when I saw that they have a game where you can romance the guys - DROOL 🤤

The story isn't really much, so-so. You can train the guys and have them fight some peeps to collect gold and stuff to strengthen your cards... They do this in chibi mode fyi. Seeing them do their signature moves in chibi mode is just adorable!

As for the character designs, I'm not a fan of it. It also seems that some characters have different seiyuus in the game, but I don't mind... Except for Shingo, I want him to be voiced by Koyasu Takehito FOREVER! Hahaha.

Before I end this review though, why is Bao in the game??? I mean I can think of other eligible bachelors in the KOF franchise that they can include on here, but instead they chose Bao - Why not Ralf or Clark? It baffles the mind... 🤨

So anyway, I recommend this game to all the KOF fangirls out there. Just don't expect much. 😊

A3! | English


The best joseimuke game I've played so far.

1. MC has a personality.
2. All of the guys are lovable and endearing.
3. Main story is good. Funny but gets you teary-eyed as well.
4. Game soundtrack is great, I love all of them.
5. Voice acting is top-notch.
6. Gems for gachas are fairly easy to get.
7. Getting stories for the cards are easy.
8. Cards are also easy to level up and train.

1. It's sometimes hard to connect to the game - It's either ERROR 905 or 906.
2. Events can be really grindy, especially if you're aiming for a good rank to get the SSR.
3. Always has something to download. Makes me think that it'll be a pain when you try playing it on data - RIP bandwidth.

This reveiw may seemed biased but I just really find this game enjoyable and don't see a lot of cons in it. Highly recommended game!

***Not A3-related but since Liber is doing great with this game, maybe they can bring I-chu Etoile Stage to global as well coz I think it'll also do great... Hehehe.

This is the franchise that really got me into rhythm games and idol groups. It has a special place in my heart coz of those reasons. Plus the seiyuu lineup are the best and the songs are always good. Graphics are top notch as well. Highly recommended game! ❤😁

I always see people comparing Love Live and Garupa and saying one is better than the other. Having played both of them, I don't think that that's true coz they're both great games. It's all a matter of preference. I think Love Live also have great songs and the girls are lovable as well. I'm biased to the Nijigasaki girls though, and a little Aquors.

Anyway, I like how there's an AUTO when you play a song coz I'm usually busy and that helps me a lot. It also helps that there's a SKIP ticket - I use those a lot in events. I also like that you can still get cards on events even if you didn't rank that high unlike other games (Obey Me is a good example). The home screen looks nice too, not too crowded.

Of course, like all the games I've played, I also have complaints. Like how it's really grindy when you're just starting out and how it feels like you've been grinding forever but you still can't idolize your card or read the stories or get the costumes. And a minor thing about the girls looking like each other... I swear, when I first started playing, I have a hard time differentiating Honoka from Chika, especially when all of them are together... LMAO.

Tbh, I'm not a fan of Garupa's character design coz they look like junior high students to me and Ako, a grade school student. But the music is GREAT - I love all of them, especially the covers. Also, all of the characters are lovable - I can't tell you how many times these girls made me cry.

I do have complaints about the connection though. There are times when it tells me that I lost connection but my WiFi is fine and I also find it hard to earn stars now that I've finished reading the stories and area conversations. I also have issues with the gachas, but it's not so bad that it prevents me from enjoying the game and loving it.

Do I recommend it? YES, YES and YES 😊

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