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YT: AidanRiz
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YT: AidanRiz
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Rhythm game with very unique gameplay and is super fun![開心]

graphics is pretty good, and the gameplay is so simple
and for storyline from anime is actually good..



is pretty good, but its kinda dead (i think?)

Revived Witch | English


the pixel graphics is pretty good particle effect is awesome also the bgm is satisfying and epic in battle.
i like this game so much[開心]

good graphics,but the full size is huge but the gameplay is so fun.. i like it[開心]

the artstyle is amazing, many character with cute design..[害羞]
the gameplay is fun,with good storyline and funny cutsence make this game more colorfull[哇噻]

Dan The Man


the pixel art graphics is good.. with the storyline its also amazing.. and for the gameplay there is a lot of character, combo,boss make this game have excited gameplay.. love it[哇噻]

Alto's Odyssey


The game graphics is soo good[哇噻] background,panorama,bgm... all is good. also the gameplay is soo satisfying and more skill you have more satisfying your gameplay[開心]

small size, nice graphics, i think it's great game with many good song, the gameplay it's also fun..

Spin Rhythm


graphics and song it's amazing, maybe when first time play it you kinda confused with the gameplay but with some practice you can enjoy the game more satisfying..[不滿]



dengan size 200mb+ game nya cukup berat di beberapa device dan lagu nya juga masih sedikit.. untuk gameplay dah ok, cuma terkadang flash di bagian background membuat saya tidak bisa melihat note dengan jelas

City Connection classic


graphics is so nostalgic.. when i just child, first time play this i dunno what should i do[為什麼] but now its so nostalgic for me [哇噻]



graphics is so good in this size but the gameplay is kinda hard for some people and the wave note make me confused but i like it [不滿]



this game its ike phigros without flick note.. gameplay its amazing.. satisfying when the note moving make some patern[不滿]

gameplay is good with the gun sound it's very satisfying but... ITS ALL ABOUT ADS[難過][難過]



gameplay is nice with good music it's make best experient in this game..[開心]

Sadako M


i dont know it's my because my device or what but when i open the game it's starting normaly but after opening dialog it's black screen...



with 6 gameplay mode make this game good and chat feature can make this game better..

Epic Conquest 2


game nya bagus dengan grafik yang bagus dan size yang kecil dan story yang menarik membuat pemain semakin penasaran apa yang ada di update/story selanjutnya..

Minecraft | Global


the game is ssoo good and the community is so amazing i got lot friend because this game.. i love it[開心]

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