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I really love it it's so cute [色色] the only complain i have that in the description it says there's english.. but i can't seem to change the language [不滿] and i don't know Chinese, so this is problematic [大哭]💔



It's really awesome, at first I thought it can't really read my mind[發困].. but actually it did surprisingly!![開心] and ES is a precious bean that must be protected [賣萌] and do recommend beautiful novels to read to discuss it later.. it feels like the game is alive [色色] .. But I only recommend it for those whose mentally strong, bc it's a Psychological game.
I wish to find more great psychological games as this one [哇噻]

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I just stopped breathing for a sec!!!! omg I'm so excited for this ( ✧Д✧) YES!! Read Note
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