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no rhythm game, no life
Kira Yuzuki 44485055

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no rhythm game, no life
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Disney Twisted Wonderland


the thing I love about this game is it's not otome game, you can hear me screaming Finally in the distance. Also because the MC is genderless despite how people speculate the MC is male, I like that and I prefer when the MC is genderless rather than be in a female. The story is good, the gacha rate is pretty bad for me, but it's easy to earn gems as long as you do the mission, you can earn gems from reading card story etc. the music is nice, the game play is interesting and a bit challenging for me despite how it look easy to the eyes. overall I really love this game.

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idiot brain forget Luminiera I was wondering if I forget something since I can't skip the hard+ until I play luminiera hard+ and discover I haven't play that yet 🤦🏻
dont mind my team, just trying to upgrade them all to lvl 80. 
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