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Always craving for cookies & cream ice cream *_*
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Always craving for cookies & cream ice cream *_*
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I'm not very lucky with this game's gacha but it has nice songs and a lot of cuties

This game have very nice graphics and all, but it's very cheap with stamina. I can barely do anything in a day because I easily ran out of stamina. Plus the fact that you need a LOT of materials and exp to ascend your cards. It's taking a long time to upgrade everything

What in Hell is Bad?


Last Update since I'm uninstalling this game.

This company should change their name to pretty greedy.

Reaching pity for a single random card is crazy expensive. Especially if you'll compare it to other gacha games.

They never listen to their players. Whether it's through emails or social media. Majority of the time, they'll ignore you.

There are numerous bugs in this game and they take a long time to fix those bugs even if the players are repeatedly reporting it. By a long time I mean multiple weeks or months.

Subpar story overall. They didn't bother fixing the pronoun errors in the story so be ready because the characters will randomly use he then she, back to he then she again etc.

They also released angels as playable characters BUT you have to pay A LOT to get them. It's currently impossible to get them without paying.

Grinding events are still a pain, because even with the 2x speed, the ultimate animations are super slow. Mammon suffers from this the most.

Tanks doesn't feel like tanks, They're super squishy. Bloodshed Beelzebub is doing a better job at tanking compared to actual tanks like Mammon. Plus Beelzebub deals more damage than regular tanks too.

Disappointing game overall. The gorgeous art isn't enough to save this game.

This game makes me salty but I love Enkidu, Tiamat, & Oberon too much to stop playing

The Tale of Food | Global


I like the graphics of the game, but hopefully they can implement language change soon because I'm not a huge fan of the English voice. But the CG of this game is very good

Also grinding in this game takes waaaay too long because you can't skip battles and have to painfully watch your characters auto battle

RNG for rare, sr etc. utensils also sucks a lot.

Tales Noir


Very cute anime style open world MMORPG.
Very nostalgic from the past popular mmos.
Storyline can be very comedic and cliche though
The game allows the player to choose their class which is something that I like a lot in games

Progress in this game is pretty slow, although it can be boring waiting for enough rainwater to fill up. But I think it can be understandable that helping a depressed person can take a really long time.

The character would awkwardly talk to you at first, but as you spend more time with them, the dialogue gets longer, more topic they'll talk about as well.

But what I like the most about this game is the bgm. It's very relaxing, the sound of rain is really good.

Also seeing a broken down room transform into something full of colors is satisfying.

Although one thing I wish from this game is to make the character smile more. Because even if their status is happy, their facial expression remain the same.

Mystic Messenger | Korean


I used to be super addicted to the routes of this game. Until V's route came out. In my opinion it's the worst route. You hardly interact with V, it feels like it's Rika's route instead.

I never hated Rika, but V's route made me annoyed with her, because it felt like they're shoving Rika down my throat when I'm literally playing V's route.

It would have been much better if they released Rika's own route,then properly focus on V & the player's romance in his own route.

And V's Judge After Ending made it even WORSE! It's completely f**ked up, I don't even know why they decided to write it like that, but they're literally forcing you to forgive Rika or else you're the worst person in this planet. Like, are we REALLY gonna forget what she had done, just like that?!

Stardew Valley


One of my all time favorite game[哇噻]

It's just a shame we can't save at any point of the day, instead of having to play for a whole day.

Nonetheless, still a great game for a cheap price.
Haven't gotten tired of this, especially with concerned ape is still making new content for this game.

I wish this game would have English translation [大哭]
My japanese isn't good enough to understand everything in this game so It's hard to fully enjoy everything this game has to offer

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