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Pretty good so far. It looks hella complicated in the beginning minutes as the tutorial rushes you from one place to another, but after freely spending some time in the menus and gameplay, it is pretty manageable.
The gameplay is one of the better ones among the usual idle games. You can set the game on auto, but the AI is pretty damn dumb and cannot plan to do the most efficient moves. And when you really start to play the game yourself, there's more to do than what the games in this genre usually allow you to: Using synergies between characters, choosing different equipments, planning for moves, etc.

However, the game is not without problems. One glaring point is that there are many issues with the translation, as sometimes stuff are mistranslated or not translated at all. This is a problem as it sometimes hinders your ability to understand the story or know what certain stuff do.
The other problem is that the game sure feels grindy after a while. Everything might be nice in the beginning with the amount of stuff the game gives you, but after passing some time with the game, upgrading the characters starts to need a lot of resources.

Little Nightmares Comics


It's alright I guess.
They have managed to add some depth to the comics thanks to animated slides and adding sounds, and the overall audiovisual presentation is great. But ultimately it's just a bunch of short stories based on the Little Nightmares game series, and more of a somewhat interactive ad for the second game and the mobile adaptation of the first game.

I don't think you're missing much by skipping this.

To simply put it, it's an infinite autobattler with very impressive artwork. Starts well but gets grindy after a while as progression relies on hoarding coins for power ups, and doing tons of gatcha since you need duplicate characters to rank up the main ones you have on your team.
The new version is seriously buggy at the moment though; full of softlocks, hardlocks and random fps drops.



Pretty fun to play in short bursts. The game seems to be quite generous with usual currencies in the beginning hours, yet the whole gacha method with DW characters doesn't make much sense and makes you want to go back to the PC and console versions instead.
Another questionable move is the inclusion of energy to enter main quest battles. Seems like if you run out of energy, there's no way to recharge it but waiting for the next day. I have yet to see whether this is done to hide the number of available main quests or something else.

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