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Archeland | Korean


great game, character art really looks like fire emblem character..


well, i kinda like the game but the long ass loading n you can't grind to advance made me semi-abandon this game.

well since day 1 till now, im still stuck at chp 6, cannot finish hard chapter 1, cannot finish simulator room lvl 2 and so on..

the very limited resources can only gain from idle generate and 24 hours only enough to increase from 55 to 56 one char. if i want increase my level more i need to buy the item with real money.

i don't want to talk about gacha, cuz other already talked about it, only 10 rolls beginner n free 10 rolls gacha. finish chpter 2 free 10 rolls. finish chp 3 and so on 200 gem n free 1 roll.

ah btw the dev change the game system completely, now this game heavily dependent on POWER LEVEL, so my wise advice LEVEL YOUR CHAR BALANCELY bcoz only 1 char high lvl didn't make any different if your POWER LEVER still under the recommended power level.



ME ? I give up rerolling just use guilotine n Ludmilla until another guarantee SSR with paid gem..


time to go back to monmusu [怪笑]

Blue Archive | Japanese


so gameplay is your typical gacha game, wait MP point then use skill other than that is auto depending on your a.i.

arena is full auto, a massive turn back. when china gacha game competing with bringing real time pvp with manual control or other thing to make the game more enjoyable, this game use full auto with a full copy of princess connect's arena meaning BOT or A.I opponent everywhere what a stupid decision or otherwise this is just their CASH-MILKING game.

this game also have a lot of game breaking bug, energy didn't increase even 1 in half a day, still at 8/115.

game stuck after every arena fight.

color broken without any trigger, complete random.

crash at stage screen then need to start from beginning.

worth ?? nope, this is a typical game that will dying in 6 months.
reason publisher or developer don't care about the game status, and this game's progression is a sad copy from princess connect game with alot of hole. what they care only release new banner n new character that nothing to do with the story at all. ah money money money [哇噻][哇噻]

well the event release right now also a complete copy from priconne with less reward and stage.

worst game ever, they decided to change every high atk in the rune thingy into HP.

now already max everything and still stuck at difficuty hard cause cannot kill the boss while my team still at full hp.

yeah don't play the game until they decided to fix it.. having 6 or 7 star at ssr character isn't help at all for now because lack of dmg.

Senki Strike | Japanese


now i know why this game not popular even with a good graphic, skill n gameplay..

this game is heavily pay to win, i already reach pvp arena rank score 910, its a rank diamond 2.

my team is quite good all member of my main team are evolve to 3 star and they are 2 SSR 1 SR and you will often meet with all evolve to MAX STAR. to evolve you need collect the hero's piece from recruitment, and the number isn't small.

at this rank skill player doesnt matter if u face some one at MAX STAR DRIVER/HERO, they will just 1 SHOT me and i am dead even their level is lower, to get 1 shot is very easy just stretch your aim to the maximum, wind doesnt matter anymore.

if u are a pvp player, you need to be a whale 1st, your skill wont matter until you meet someone at your lvl of whale.

conclusion if you are hoping a battle of skill similiar like worm or gunbound, its didnt exist in high rank unless you are a whale that can compete with other whale.

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