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Got an Early Access to play this game. I'm not familiar with LoL yet to be honest even though I know it on PC version and I'm bad at it because of the controls in there but playing some champions in here that quite hard to use on PC are more easier and fun to use. Balanced game? I don't know yet. Settings are much more flexible than most MOBA mobile games but I wish they can have a setting where you put quick buy on the top right instead of mid left. Camera panning is my most favorite one it make things more easier to see when you aim off camera. I wish the mapping camera layout is the same as NetEase Onmyoji Arena or Marvel Super War because people who came from other MOBA who don't care with the laning phase and can't read ruin my farm I had to roam in order to get extra coin and EXP stolen. Still in Early Access and it might change in future. For now, I'm enjoying this game.

Heroes Arena


I don't know if I fighting real players or not. Why does it look similar to AOV? It's very fast paced MOBA game I've ever played so far. If 7mins game isn't fast enough, this game can deliver 3-5mins per game if you only push tower with your teammates. Tower HP are relatively weaker than jungle mobs.

BanG Dream but it's Chunithm with Miku except you don't wave your hand to flick a note. Thumb friendly rhythm game.

Play for the collaboration events and finding new experience playing with the people in this server.



It's basically you splitting a watermelon game. Well, since Covid-19 is still exist, you can virtually smash some watermelon with this game in this summer season.

22/7 Music Time


Terms of difficulty between Bandori, SB69 and this game, I would put it in the center in between those two games. One of the thumb friendly music game. Since the game still new, there's a problem that really need to fix. Too many loading screen is really let me down. For some reason, I can't link to my Google Play account to save my progress so I have to save it in a manual way. Music preview volume is too low but when you want to play it, it will become extremely loud. Hit notation is a troll when it comes to flick notes, you need to adapt this one. Worth a try if you from Bandori/SB69 game. It have 3D models and cover songs for additional.

Edit 28/5/20:
They have fixed Google Play link issue. Now you can link your account if you haven't yet. Hit notation has been adjusted so flick note is more noticeable to register than before. Brightness in the game has been adjusted if you found it too bright in previous version. Too many loading screen and music volume for preview and playing session problem are still there. Hopefully they can fix most of the issues in the game before releasing their first event.

Didn't know the game was shutdown long time ago. It was on April 27th. Why it's still available to download? You did remove downloading service for S.E.A. server why not this one? Recent review is not helping at all telling the game server current condition. Any server recommendation for me to play this game without facing their strict authencation?



Welcome to os.. Oops, wrong game.

Eternal City | SEA


The game will stopped its top up and download services on May 6th and will be shutdown on June 30th. Good game but handled by a bad publisher. Do give it a quick run if you're devoted to the game before it closes so you may have no issue with basic system needed when you're playing another servers.

Throw coins to make more coins. Best waifu game eksdee.

One of a thumb friendly music game to play. Cover songs are why I would still playing the game. If you from SB69 game, just let you know it's a harder version of that game. The only thing I hate is VS Live events because they don't give you freedom to grind event points from other two mode than VS Live mode. Some phones will have a latency issue which you can adjust them manually.



Easier version of Bang Dream. There's still lots of improvement going on. Leveling system in this game is harder and time consuming maybe because they want to make it something different from people calling it a copycat game. A gacha music game that allows to play with mods available for score boost. That's new. One of the thumb friendly game.

Onmyoji Arena | Global


One of the good graphics MOBA game I've played so far. Lag issue and sound bug sometimes bothering me when playing this game. Wish they give some attention to players outside China for competitive scene (I know this game lacks of player base).

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Definitely will be Romeo and Cinderella. I can hear this song many times and never get bored with it.
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