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MARVEL Super War | Global


there is only one server, don't waste your time

I don't understand why moobile moba games have such bad characters design [鬼臉]

Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese


I am done with this game, this f*king update reinstalled the game, and I don't want to dawnload this 2gb again

World Flipper | Japanese


this game is really good, it deserves better rating


Lord of Heroes


Heroes are really well designed and voice acted, the story is good, but short. My main complain is gacha, I just don't like the idea of this gacha. It would be better to gacha heroes or sikins, or something else but not armor and weapon. And I hate this random stats[驚訝] But to be fair gacha rng is pretty good

Spotify Music






A Life in Music



Forgotton Anne | European




It is so difficult to get the character you want [大哭] I just can't keep playing and wait for it to drop

This game is unplayable. I am always stuck on loading screens [暈] and I never downloaded so many vpn on my phone, my data is protected as never before [不滿]

I lost two my accounts

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