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Helloo ^_^
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Helloo ^_^
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Blue Archive | Japanese


I love this game not because of hype train nor because I'm a fan of Yostar. I love it because of how it is, I don't know why I'm seeing a lot of complains about the gameplay being boring, but in my humble opinion, the gameplay is great too when you are already familiar with it, I also play Girls' Frontline, so maybe it's just that we have different kinds of preferences in playing games. Talking about the OST, it's perfect! The graphics? it is sooo amazing! I really love the art style, the scenery are fascinating! So yup! that's it, I love and enjoy playing this game! ^_^

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Helloo, may I ask how to save my progress? I already lost my previous account on google play so I'm planning to save it on other way, can you guys tell me how? I tried the other one but it just keeps creating new IDs. Thank you!! Read Note
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