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Greetings taiwan capcom team, Want to show some errors that are boring in Rockman X Dive:

1- Release for all countries: I think it's time for the game to expand for all fans.

2- Stages and difficult challenges: In the case of challenges, to unlock 1 Boss, we have to climb in 5 and 5 levels, this get to be boring, since leveling up is time consuming.
In Jakob's case, take the Miss damage from enemies, when the player takes a gigattack, the enemy has a good chance of taking zero damage, so it can spoil the challenge.
And more Bosses in the Megaman X series, there are more than 80 Bosses that should be in the game.

3- characters: To tell you the truth, it's already good for female characters followed ("waifus"), Megaman is much more than that, nothing against feminism, only there are more characters who are together with them.
And when you cast a new characters, the chance of getting it would be higher, seriously less than a 1% chance of getting it, it's very little and it's hard to unlock.
Find new ways to unlock the characters, for example in the store with pieces of characters.

4- Improve in balance on the chart: in the event of event, the special stage arrive be too heavy, like the last in the water park that was beautiful, but with very heavy graphic.
That part isn't very critical, but it's good to keep a good game.

5- The broken and unbalanced PvP: The PvP is boring to be playing with countless things wrong that break the joy of some players, as opponent with more level and power than you, character skills that pluck half or more of your life, Shield chips that never break, leg because of the animation of some characters , and some things that make bad the gameplay.

I'm not a dare, I'm a simple big fan of megaman's franchise, and I want to give my humble opinion about this game, sorry for that comment, and thanks for creating this game.

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