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I'm quite surprised that the JP server, as well as this global server have english language. Still I moved to the global server for possible decision to purchase something.

A rather boring thing is that you have to complete the whole first chapter before unlocking gacha. The infinite reroll gacha gives a UR adventurer, plus a chance of another drop of UR adventurer/support/card. After that, you'll get free 15 gacha tickets and generously ~6k gems.

The combat system is okay-ish, but the mobile control is horrible for me. No camera lock-on and the accidental dash is annoying, probably because of the swipe gesture. Playing on the PC port could give better action combat experience. The controller support is great tho.

(will possibly update once I make enough progress.)

Fate Corridor


I guess this game is made by a low-budget startup/indie dev team, as some evidences like:
- Unity splash screen
- AI-generated artworks & voiceovers, probably to cut costs instead of hiring real artists and anime voice actors. however it doesn't mean it's bad as it doesn't look broken.
- Lack of storylines, again to reduce the scope and costs. anyway it's not really a vital part of such kind of game where the main focus is just the player account & character progressions.

Like many AFK arena clones, there are no much UI animation delays and short battle scenes, however something inconvenient is no auto craft feature, which means you have to craft from raw & intermediate materials required to craft final materials.

Still a decent game to kill your time, but no interesting limited-time stuffs that's tempting enough to spend your money on, especially if you care on your wallet.

Honkai: Star Rail


Well I never played HI before, only Genshin until just before its 1.1 patch.

Fine quality, with TAA option unlike many other games with only FXAA/MSAA. The spec requirement is heavy as other demanding mobile games, so that I switched between low and medium settings on my Samsung A52s (Snapdragon 778G) to try getting smooth enough framerate (above 30 fps), still drops when in a main town. I'd recommend playing on the PC version for better experience. The game ran smoothly all the time on my Core 10700k + GTX 1660S PC with all maxed settings despite its 60 fps lock, and so is Genshin.

Don't really care, as I let the default EN voice setting, though it sounds like mostly reused VAs from Genshin.

Reuses most Genshin systems, UIs and features, but with the turn-based combat that is one of boring parts for me that seems waste of time. Even I don't really like other turn-based/tactics games, rather prefer real-time ones that don't need much timing, such as King's Raid and some AFK arena clones.

I only enjoy the storyline of old JRPGs and anime/manga. Decent gameplay and graphics of such modern AAA/indie games are meant to enjoy. Their storyline & dialogues are just a filler that's enough to skip/ignore, unless it might have clues for some quests.

No guest account, no immediate account reset/deletion (waste of emails to reroll), long tutorial/gameplay till the gacha part, painful gacha rate. There are few other games I ever played generous enough to allow tutorial skip when rerolling, selective SSR box(es)/start dash rewards, decent gacha rate & pity system.

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