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Shining Maiden | English


its amazing for me! I love it! how often does Shining Maiden re run banners? As for right now i love how often they re run. It makes the units more special if the units re run rarely. Dont copy anyone, just keep doing your own game because what yo7 hav3right now is SO on the right path. my Shining Maiden facebook group if you would like to join!
(btw if you like re run banners shut it, they suck.Reruns take 90% of the fun out of it!)
(Its a made up number, jusr role with it)

Lord of Heroes


i like the game alot, no character gacha is a bold move because not many games can pull that off, word to the wise, keep up the same art and detail but make the game f2p dont go all p2p on everyone. overall is a great game so far(oh yeah, add more heroes to lol)

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