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Once again i'm revisiting this review, after the recent updates here are my toughts:
- Lots of fanservice for fans of the series
- Nice graphics
- Music from the X games
- An ok alternative to aquire shards of characters and weapons via the memory fragments
- Developers are listening and are dedicated to improve the game
- Events are pretty nice, the classic crossover is great.
- Clunky controls, for a megaman title this is a huge issue since the series is well known for its plataform mechanics
- AUTO Aim: like X7 this game has autoaim and its clunky at times, you can remove this and aim like any other X game however i feel as if the game is designed i .a way to require autoaim (some enemies cannot be reached by the buster shot)
- Gacha system, characters and weapons you get are RNG dependant, it can get very frustrating when you use up 5K EM and not get a single S rank
- Not enough stages at the moment, so far only X1, X4 and ZXA (odd choice, X2 would've made more sense) are existant in the game, i hope they include more variety.
- Unbalanced PVP, this is a point of argument for most people, after reaching SA i can say that PVP Is not balanced whatsoever, Spray weapons are incredible Op and some S characters are way better than others.
Latency also affects the experience and hackers are also present in the ladder.
- There's frame drop issues in some stages (6-3 is an example) and in co-op 4-2 the game sometimes craahes.
- Not enough content to keep you hooked, most of the time you will be grinding to level up.

I'm happy with how the game has turned out, devs are doing a good job improving the game and listening to feeeback. if you are a fan of megaman you should play it, keep in mind this is a gacha game, that is in my opinion the biggest con but i hope they improve it overtime.

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