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This is just the best FPS battle royal game ever!! tho it's hard to play on mobile, it's still fun non the less. Definitely recommended[開心][色色][哇噻]



well apparently, this app is for Livestreaming as a VTubers. I've been live for a couple of times, and the audiences are so kind (guess I'm lucky). It's definitely a recommended app for you if you want to Livestream as a vtuber without any complicated apps. Unless you want to do it in your PC, idk about that( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). The only thing that I'm sad about is the gacha system for getting new costumes, cause I don't have any money (I'm so poor T^T). Nonetheless, I'll still recommend this app if you want to become a Vtuber easily!! Hope you enjoy ^^

I don't think this game is thumb user friendly[委屈], but it's still good non the less. The musics especially, it's very interesting and fun to play. The pause mechanic is a first for me and it's interesting[哇噻][哇噻]. My fav song is cafe parade (if i remember it right[為什麼]), but the expert mode is soo hard, I can't even complete it, I'll try, but not now. All in all, it's a fun, interesting, and a nice game to play, unless you're thumb user like me, because you may need to learn to use your finger to play this time[暈][暈]. Welp that's all I guess, maybe this will be helpful to anyone or not, I don't know, but your welcome in advance I guess?[厲害][厲害]

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