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Rappers get ready for rap battle..! [厲害] Hypnosis Mic is awesome and its best for funky and cool guys/girls who always love to rap. [開心] I used to rap alot in middle school because you know sometimes we want to be popular[怪笑] The game never crashes and the quality is best as-well-as we can hit full combo too easily! Its not english version which is a minus point but for awakening my inner rap soul l will rate it 5 stars and if its possible l could have rated this game trillion stars! 😌....... The anime version is mind blowing 🤯. Season 2 is going to come out soon, so guys get ready[開心]

IDOLiSH7 | Japanese


I'm playing IDOLISH7 since 2016 but still its hard to read their stories 😔.... I want English version, and want to enjoy reading therir stories. I always have to take screenshot and read it by translating it [憋屈]..... But I LOVE I-nana because they are always with me since 2016 till now [賣萌] The Anime was damn awesome and heartfelt and was connected to me because it made me sad, happy, excited, anxious, angry and suspenseful[色色] But still, playing an english version is something else!😌 Choosing my favorite member from I-nana is really challenging because, Every idol is my favorite and they all have something that i love about them.....[委屈] Please Bandai Namco i want an english version of IDOLISH7 and l know most of them wish for an english, so this is a request from I-nana fans of wanting to play an english, so could you please make our wish come true...!? 🥺



One of the best forever app to connect with JAPAN'S daily shows!![賣萌][開心] I was so happy to find this app that my happiness tears overflowed! [憋屈] Never thought that i would be able to watch my favorite shows in this app......While in Japan i used to watch it on tv, but in my country i lost hope because i thought i would never watch it again.... Then i came to know this app and found Abema tv [賣萌]! My most favorite show from Abema tv is 'say you to yo asobi' Because its enjoyable and have all my favorite seiyuu in it. Also it always made my day whenever i watch it😁.

Mario Kart Tour


One of the best game with popular characters in it! Well most people know most of the characters since childhood and i am one of them! 😁 I'm playing this game since 2019 without any breaks and this game never bored me.😌 The graphics and the quality of game is brilliant 👏 [賣萌] winning prizes is easy but getting special characters is challenging.......[憋屈] And poor guy like me can't even fire the pipe which worth money😢 have to work really hard for firing the pipe though.......But iam HAPPY now because the game is improving 😉 and many new updates are made for us and one more benefit for us is that now we can daily play challenges and easily finish each 1 level for 14 days and after that we can fire a pipe for free [開心] and also we can win many prizes like gems and coins so that we can exchange items and fire a pipe! So iam rating it 5 stars 🌟 for giving us such benefits!!! THANKYOU SO MUCH [厲害]

well well well.... this is so damn amazing boyfriend game i have ever seen. The most interesting thing is that they have my favorite voice actors voices 😊 specially Hanae Natsuki. But i want more of the voices of my favorite voice actors such as Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Mamuro Miyano, Tomoaki Maeno, Kisho Taniyama, Hiro Shimono, Takuma Terashima, Junichi Suwabe, Shouta Aoi, Kenichi Suzumura, Kousuke Toriumi, Showtaro Morikubi, Saito Soma, Kamiya Hiroshi, Kaji Yuki and many are there but still looking forward to it 😍. Whenever ian sad or broken i listen to them and my mood gradually be good. So i rate it 5 stars for that 🤭



This is the best music game ever![色色] I am not bored a single day with this game. But its really tough to get class 7 uv1 price because i always fail at first wave test. And the three boxes we get after game play to select anyone of them to get a certain price in that i always fail to get the music character and its so irritating[發火][發怒]. But moreover this is the best game ever. if you want to play any hardcore music then, download the app



it is an amazing game and interesting too. we will never be bored with this game but iam not able to play this game in my tab the screen goes blank [發怒]

One of my favorite game ever. its over 1 and half year playing this game but still it dosent bore me. I am excited for new updates so much and my favourite member from utapri is Ai Mikaze. Cant live without playing this game. And the Events in this game is super awesome,and also utapri has really nice story line. Moreover i will say its awesome as it was before and this game even have my favourit songs from utapri anime. i love this game so so much[色色][色色][色色][色色][色色][色色][色色][色色]

Its rare to get a cute guy like him but.....This game is so awesome that i have an oppertunity to get a quiet guy. l rate it 5 stars for that. love this game soo much[色色][色色][害羞][開心]

i love this game so much.! And i love rainbow dash. This game is really amazing! it bring back my childhood memories. i used to love mlp and mlpeg so much. my fav song from mlp was babs seed and from mlpeg it was the cafetaria song. Wo awesome game[色色][色色][哇噻][鬼臉][開心][害羞]

Trash Buster


oh my gosh ! This game is so so much kawaii. I really really love this game, its so satisfying too. And that omlet is so freakin' kawaii[色色][色色]

Ao Oni Online


really amazing game! when blue oni comes it will be even more amazing.! sugoii😍

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