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Q :What kind of game is this
A :Unit deploy straight lane RPG (like line rangers, stick war, etc but personally i think this is better) with some azur lane field-like stage type where you move your carriage to start a battle (Pve only)

Q :How is the ui
A :So far it is above-average the standart, i personally like it

Q : How is the voice acting
A : I dont speak korean, but the VAs are amazing in my opinion, pretty much natural

Q : How is the graphic
A : One of the best out there (The overall design(?) are very close to closers)

Q : How is the gacha rate
A : I can't answer yet, it still CBT , yet so far so good

Q : Do you need duplicate character to make your unit stronger "Spesifically" ?
A : So far, no. I've yet to find a duplicate unit "Specific" fuse feature yet (Rank12)

Q : How is the overall sound
A : Nice, give applause to the bgm team 👏👏 (not sarcastic)

Overall i will give it 8/10 , worth to play
Also , for units there are :

Ever heard of AFK Arena ? basically the same thing, with a good storyline but worse "Diamond" currency, also the sprite art updated for every rank up

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