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Lord of Heroes


Story is one of the aspect getting hooked to this game
The graphic is good, Nanjo as voice actress? awesome, Sound quality ain't perfect but they are very good. The only thing i could complaint here is the value, Paid units are okay (Not friendly for pvp f2p but well there are many meta w/o paid units), but the bundle real money currency are kinda bad, you ought to purchase a lot in order to get decent amount of in game material.

-The gameplay is Turn based RPG

-You play here as a monarch of a rural region "Avillon" in the west to save world order against East empire "Gallus". 5/5 the story is awesome on par with E7

-Every single characters have unique traits, even there is this girl who always break the 4th walls even breaching into the game system (well, ofc it's just text and voice not an actual "DDLC Monica", sorry to get your hopes up lol) 5/5

-Sound system are very neat, with so many all star va (sugibro, nanjo, erichin, kayamom, you name it) and rising va like Akarin

-Graphic wise...the character models are incompetent sometimes (especially for astrid) compared to 2d splash art. But they are still acceptable

-The gamr itself aint too focused with waifu collecting, the male units are also strong as f[發火][厲害][發火]

-Currency wise, it's bad. It's not aboud the paid units (well there is that too for some people, i know but as i said above, meta never cycle with paid units ) , but the in game resources you get after paying are just that few.

-The game is F2p friendly, but it is too slow with progress, by slow i mean REAL SLOW. You need to endure for 44 days to get 2 new units outside from story (well you can get 10 or more units within story which is a lot) and bought with In game currency or cash. The pve is hard, in case you ask.

-Luckily, we got a lot of Referral (redeemable) codes every weeks

Friendship ended with AFK arena

🤝 Now figure story is my best friend

Fairy Tail: Guild Masters


I never imagined this to be something like this, well lets get to the point

Q :How is the game?
A :Auto attacking strategy RPG. Raising units and deploy then watch them fight auto. Gameplay similar to brav* nine, but IT IS SO SLOW. BY SLOW I MEAN, REALLY SLOW with progress, battle speed,currency, LITERALLY ALMOST EVERYTHING

Q :How about the Graphic?
A :The splash art are amazing, attracting and looks gorgeous...Fortunately Not with the SDs in battle animation. it is horrendous. came straight out of 2014 mobile game

Q :How about the voice, sound, etc?
A :Bad. The va are utmost best since it is origin feom fairy tails, bgm are quite well made. but the sound quality is really bad i can't stand it long in my ears.

Q :How is the storyline?
A :The one out of 3 good point on this game

Q :How is the gacha?
A :there are UR, SSR, SR, R, N units on the same banner. Rates for UR are 0.6% which is quite high.

Q :How is the value? Cash item and cash currency?
A :played it for the last time, it become worse lol.

Summary :
Bad version of bra*e 9.
this game isnt even worth reviewing imo, quite dissapointed [委屈]

Your average rpg game. But those designs are well made [怪笑][怪笑]




Q :What kind of game is this
A :Unit deploy straight lane tower defense RPG (like line rangers, stick war, etc but personally i think this is better with an actual big brain needed) with some azur lane field-like stage type where you move your carriage to start a battle (Pve only and very mportant)

Q :How is the ui
A :It is becoming pretty good, i can see the potential of it by now

Q : How is the voice acting
A : I dont speak korean, but the VAs are amazing in my opinion, pretty much natural. I'd love to hear more!

Q : How is the graphic
A : One of the best out there (The overall design(?) are very close to closers)

Q : How is the gacha rate
A : 0/30 x 10 reroll for the first time recruitment, with 1 SSR unit each reroll . The gacha ratrs arent that bad (around 2%)

Q : Do you need duplicate character to make your unit stronger "Spesifically" ?
A : Specific, no. But you can also ascend a units with dupes. Also, you can deploy dupes on another team

Q : How is the overall sound
A : Nice, give applause to the bgm team 👏👏 (not sarcastic)

Q : How is the currency
A : The "gems" currency not only used as gacha, still can't say about the currency. There is a value which can be gotten only by paid with real money, used for buying some skins, in game currency, and gems

Overall i will give it 8/10 , worth to play
Also , for units there are :
-Stronghold hyung-nim [開心]

Ever heard of AFK Arena ? basically the same thing, with a good storyline but worse "Diamond" currency, also the sprite art updated for every rank up

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