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Do you want to eat ramen with me?
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Do you want to eat ramen with me?
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_(°ω°」 ∠) This game is rlly guud
The fighting mechanism is unique and the sp moves are cool tooo
You will like it especially if you have watched bungou stray dogs [害羞]

LINE Webtoon


[怪笑]I got into webtoon because of tower of god now i read different comics
And God of Highschool aswell
Weebtoon has really good manhwas or comics especially when u have nothing better to do in quarantine.
Its fun to see these fictional world and its amazing how they incorporate fantasy with the real life world
If you are luv to read then i recommend it or if u are a weeb i highly recommend it

The games good it follows the original story with our avatar included the skill system is pretty unique too but i coudnt retain my accounts so i had to start again thats a bummer but anyways guuud game [開心]

Lord of Heroes


[賣萌]Well the graphics are pretty good and the gameplay is amazing but it takes alot of time to upgrade the character s but ig thats part of the fun.Its welldone i really enjoy it[害羞]

Dragon Raja | Global


[開心]This game is pretty guud ngl the file size is really big but its worth it and the world interaction is pretty good aswell the graphics are litt overall this game is pretty good[賣萌]

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