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proud enstarrie
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proud enstarrie
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great game even though its laggy as hell but PLEASE stop making every single update so big whenever theres an update its like 2gbs. but i also want to add here that its so f2p like whatever you do it gives you enough diamonds (or whatever theyre called) for atleast 1 pull
edit number two: i installed the new update but the game literally wont open im decreasing the score my phone aint even that bad this game is heavier than genshin goodbye
edit 3: THIS ISNT FUNNY ANYMORE i dont remember if i linked my acc to googleplay or email i hope i did but the game wont open and i am So Stressed i have 4 madeleines all the cookies i ever wanted i scream hard when i got licorice please i dont want to go back to genshin give me my accpunt back. plea

edit 4: heyy i got my account back like two weeks after i posted this, i mean obviously its been months. thank god i wouldve cried so hard wow todays date is the exact opposite of when i posted the og review

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