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I talk about project sekai I guess.
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I talk about project sekai I guess.
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Good rhythm game, has a lot of characters to choose and produce. Stories a bit dramatic but more power to you if that's your thing. Though I have not read much of the translations, it's fine? Doesn't sound like it's from someone in fluent in english, but good enough to understand. The font looks pretty jarring but you will get used to it if you play much.
Music-wise, well it's idol music, many can be hit or miss. There will be more songs being added, and I'm sure you will be able to find a few that you'll like.
Graphics are stunning but some mvs may be too heavy for certain devices. There's an option to turn them off luckily.
Oh and gacha, the game let's you pick an idol unit to produce first, so try to reroll for your favourite on that. You're allowed to scout as many times as you want on that. Unfortunately you have to link an account via Google/Facebook/Twitter so you can't do the traditional way of rerolling (renaming and deleting files). Gacha is standard 3%, with rateups being 1%. They do give out free pulls and guaranteed 5*s every once in a while and you can obtain 5* through events if you grind much, so don't need to rely on gacha too much for good cards.
If you like idol boys try this game out basically [厲害]

Hatsune Miku Amiguru Jump


haha miku goes boing

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