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Fushigi Danuki Man 4333199

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I like this game but graphic is too much for me even in low quality like some HD games from PC always laggy and hard to focus on team

Aigis A


Game is fun but game stop working frequenly when got updated after clear stage game now always stop working ::>_

I like this game even i lost 3 accounts but why google play hate gung-ho so much they taking out all gung-ho games and bring some puzzle rip-off games

Arena of Valor | Global


Why game always failed to update due to system error?

Fire Emblem Heroes


Look like google play has taken this app mean you can only play on google play that why unable to play on this qooapp

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I got problem after i clear junk files on my phone i can't start the game even my interenet still connects and reinstall what is it? Read Note
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