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Fushigi Danuki Man 4333199

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this game has a lot od bugs sometime game was freeze while loading also game loading in multiplayer too long but it was fun you can play almost every previous events if you not clear every stages the best thing that no stamina to stop you playing

New units are too overpower they can kill most every old units in single attack and online battle are unbalance i used to play for year for hard grinding

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


everything is good until 2.0 update network is really bad i got red ping many time abd ruin my gameplay [大哭] the connection seem to be my problem

High Sea Saga | Global


I think save the profile is too old and tideous why this is game can't link profile to Kairo Club or facebook

I wish if game have English version but it this global why there're only 3 language in this app

Aigis A


Game is fun but game stop working frequenly when got updated after clear stage game now always stop working ::>_

I like this game even i lost 3 accounts but why google play hate gung-ho so much they taking out all gung-ho games and bring some puzzle rip-off games

Arena of Valor | Global


Why game always failed to update due to system error?

Fire Emblem Heroes


Look like google play has taken this app mean you can only play on google play that why unable to play on this qooapp

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app always stop working when loading at 50% how can I play this game without crashed?  Read Note
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