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Ensemble Stars!! Training


I'm a gym trainer irl and I gotta say I am very impressed with this app! During the workout the idols will explain, in Japanese, the correct way to do the exercises and it will have a little info card of each of them before you start.
The warming up and cooling down are good and the exercises are all ones that I teach to people as well. I love the fact it doesn't focus on calories burned or getting thin, but more on getting healthy and building up muscles.

You can train once per day which is enough tbh! Especially if you're a beginner.
You can set the intensity level and if you want to focus more kn aerobic exercise, muscle building or a mix of both. You can also choose which body part you want to prioritise but pls do note!!!! This does not mean you will 'lose fat' in that specific area!!!! that is impossible. This is just for building muscle in that area.

The thing I'm most floored by though is that it's all free. There's a shop.....but only for ingame currency you can only get by doing workouts. Nothing locked behind a battle pass or a premium version of the app. All idols are unlockable as well as more songs!! 10/10 will let Itsuki Shu bully me into doing a push-up

Quite a couple of bugs and a lot of translation mistakes or unnatural sentence structures... it follows the korean and chinese version so a lot added fluff that in my opinion wasn't needed.
Would be cool if they will iron out the issues but I'll be sticking with my jp account 😅

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