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It's a really solid competitor to Fall Guys.
The rolling mechanic is super satisfying and raises the skill ceiling massively. There's also a Mario Kart-esque attack system with skillshot bombs to throw in some levels.

Aesthetics and UI are super clean and stylish. Base characters are bland but the rare costumes are gorgeous. They've also added a social lobby and a custom map designer/browser.

The latency makes the game nigh unplayable outside of China, hopefully it will go Global.

The only concern I have is monetization; a win rewards a coin. But unlike Fall Guys where you can purchase any costume piece for 5 wins, this game rewards you a gacha pull with only a 1% chance to pull the spotlight outfit. Brutal odds, I assume with the intent to sell the coins as the main method of obtaining them.

It's super promising, way more fun than Fall Guys if the map designs hold up.

God of High School


"One login per device per day" anti-reroll mechanic locked me out of playing.
"AUTH" error broke my account even with reinstall.
Emulators forbidden.
Translation is worse than Google Translate.

Ace Archer


Decent idle game with clearable stages and passive income. Minimal stamina systems to worry about. PVP is auto and super fast, so low time investment. Appears to have a pity system of some sort.
Downsides are Shards in gacha, multi-server, and VIP, though I'm not sure that VIP locks anything important. Names are one-use per server, so use a random name and then the free name change coupon after reroll.

Arknights | English


Perfect mobile game.



Decent idle game. If you don't mind manually having to fuse, you can farm gacha rolls as a F2P. Launch event gives a bunch of free SSRs for each 100 level-ups as well.

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