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Princess Connect Re:Dive The Best
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Princess Connect Re:Dive The Best
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Super excited

Blue Archive | Japanese




Genshin Impact



Catarina Farm


cute and relaxing game

freaking love this

The best of the best
That's all
(but the gacha is not good All the curse is on me )

Azur Lane | English


One of the best gacha game ever
The drop rates of sr is good af
The story line is super good you will love it
The gameplay is good when you are into warship thingy
Overall good the best game my #1 game

When i played this 3 yrs ago the server was so laggy i can't even play then when i back to play it it improves a lot. not the best mmorpg game but it's good in storyline if you like SAO series

Best game
Will give feedback when the server is up

This is one of the best gacha games for me. The graphics are good and the art style is good also but i think it's better because its same artstyle on LN and not boring to play but i do hope to have gloval version (EN) for the story (but i already watched the anime so i think it's fine)

SINoALICE | Global


not the best but good in on its way
and im not fan of NieR automata so yeah

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