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Just a guy that love Manga anime and games
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Just a guy that love Manga anime and games
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I hate anything that Facebook lay their finger on, especially instagram, this app is so toxic like tik tok >.

Google Translate


Best game in the world, there's option for all language, and more importantly it can speak, yes you're right, it can freaking SPEAK!? ! !!

One of the best RPG game for mobile.

Muse Dash


One of the rhytm game beside deemo, cytus, and arcaea, love the visual, and the music, but its lagging iin my phone [汗顏][汗顏][汗顏], maybe I need to upgrade it

One of the best jrpg

Graphic 5/5
I like the combination between 2d hero and 3d world (beware it will heat your phone)
Sound 4!5
Nothing to add here
Story line 4/5

So far it's 4/5
Pretty good gacha games, also have steam version version!!!

Decent game, but its not my taste sorry

Best messaging app for gamers, you can steaming or vidoe call while gaming, everything about gaming stuff is added in here, recommended for gamers [哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]



The game is pretty good, like average rhytm game, the background is wholesome tbh, but despite the graphic, the control is little bit wonky sometimes the game didn't register my tap. On onher side tho level is not quite challenging, sowe of the hard level is on paid song or playlist, if you want to unlock the free one you need to grind it, cus most of the song only have one level.[不滿]

The pinnacle of jrpg game, this one is the most developed jrpg game, despite its ages, they still keep it up with the trend, but beware about gacha hell, the storyline is good, and i love the game mechanism

World Flipper | Japanese


This game is not worth for your time, but if you like the game mechanism, i recommend this one, its just no suite my taste[耍帥]

The game is good, you just need to prepare a lot of free storage, like other reviews this game will be auto, like other game, but its not p2w u can play free, also everyone unit is unique so you need the right composition to defeat a certain level. The main feature in this game (for now) is the story
Good luck



One of the best rhytm game along with rayark franchise, lanota, arcaea, etc, the game is 100% free u just need grind to unlock song , and tte graphics is good, the gameplay is challenging.

Sdorica sunset


Best RPG ever, not like most mainstream rpg game that require a ton of money to obtain ssr characters, here you just need to obtain the requirement item, the story is good, and the dev keep bringing new feature and event, also theres a lot mode to play
(still playing this game)



Great game for rhythm lover, its like a combine between lanota and dynamix, the game is 100% free u just need grind in game currency to unlock some song.

Like other review, the race is quite short, and its not fun, you play this game to have a race atd yeu cant enjoy it smh.

Soul Knight | Global


The game itself is good, but it getting boring later, so i quit from this game although i like the gameplay

Zombie High School


Worst game, I thought at first it will be good multiplayer game, but sadly the game is stuck, I think the game only playable for Koreans only and most of the server require password to join, like wth[發火][發火][發火], how i can enjoy it.

I'm not recommend it, seriously [發火]

Shining Beyond


the game itself in good not bad not great, but its kinda boring, like there's no interesting happens, and the otter reoson is its full auto so we can't do anything .

To be honest I little bit disappointed about this game, i know the game mechanics will be like Sinoalice but i dont think that this one is more worse than Sinoalice, I prefer play SinoAlice than this game, (ahh sad i like the manga and anime...)



Like the other reviews, this app is better than the game and the webgame version, and so smooth no lag like the game version, and more importantly the game size is not 4 gb like the game version its less even u can clear the cache if you want, 100% recommend for gbf player that play on chrome or game app

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