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Just a +62 weeb addicted to games for 17 years
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Just a +62 weeb addicted to games for 17 years
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Genshin Impact


Tbh idk what to say about this game lol.
I was gonna play soul worker academia and not really into this one not also into the hype. I thought it will be just a typical mmorpg with past kingdom and magic settings— but i was wrong.

So first, this is not really a "mmorpg". You mostly play solo adventure tbh, you cant see other players. Sounds suck right? But it benefit you a lot of things actually:
1. Youre phone is less likely to explode (the game is already heavy enough without mmo, imagine it with mmo)
2. You can pause the game. Yes, you can battle anytime, got interrupted by some business you can easily tap menu lr inventory and the game will be paused. Very handy.
3. You can manipulate in-game clock. Unlike dragon raja which the in-game time cycle is same among the players (which make clearing time-sensitive quests a pain in the ass), in this game you can manipulate the time. Lets say theres a quest require you to be in a midnight to proceed, then just tap the clock, set wait until 00.00 and youre good to go. Useful for in-game photography purpose too

Then what's the point of it being online? Well there is coop after you play for a while, where you can make strategies with other player about team composition and fight together (instead of swapping 4 of your characters, isnt making 4 characters fight at once much better?).
And the best part is, its CROSS-PLATFORM! Means you can meet players from pc and ps4! You can also probably use your mihoyo account to login and switch between mobile and pc easily. As long as youre on same server (e.g: asia), even if you and your friend play different platform, you can still play together (but ofcourse playing in mobile is the least convenient—due to potential device heat and harder control).

Now we talk about graphic. The anime-style graphic is as amazing as honkai and even better imo. Not to mention this is an openworld, the environments and all, very beautifully built, you won't be bored too soon (coz the map is hella big!). The battle feel is very smooth too, you can feel every hit you made. The effect is great. (compared to dragon raja with great graphic but meh battle feel, this is definitely better). Sadly there isn't costumes for characters. You can only change the wing glider design, and they only have 3 of them.

The overall gameplay is a rpg, you act as one of a twin who travel to different worlds, before suddenly interrupted by some badass goddess or something. Your sister/brother kidnapped, you lost your power and ditched into an unknown world so you travel and try to find your sis/bro.
You will follow quests, but most of the time you will want to travel and explore every inch of the map to loot everything you can find and fight various enemies from little goblins to hella difficult bosses.

There is gacha system, for both weapons and characters (similar to honkai impact).

You can fight with various playstyle, a sword for overall good balance, a claymore for slow but heavy attacks, a bow for sniping long range enemies or a catalyst to easily shoot any enemy near you.

But the most interesting battle system is the elemental interaction in the game.
Almost all things in the game include elemental stuffs.
Like if the weather is rainy, all enemy and characters caught in it will get 'wet' status, and if you use a character with cyro element, you will easily freeze every beings in it. Or if you find an electro enemy, you shoot fire to them to inflict overload and make the electricty explode.
There are various unique element combinations between wind(anemo), water(hydro), ice(cryo), fire(pyro), electro, earth(geo), and plant(dendro) element.
One other cool example is if you make a wind tornado into a burning enemy, you will make a fire tornado and ultimately torture the enemies caught in it. Just try it yourself!

And about gacha rate, pretty low i can say but you still able to fight effectively with any character as long as you make the best element combo with them.

The game is very heavy, obviously. Its open world with high details afterall. But its very adjustable from very low graphic to very high. 30 or 60 fps you can try it yourself, the game doesn't limit it, but you mihht want to watch your device temperature lol.

The language is very variable, there are 4 voice languages (english, chinese, korean, and japanese) so you can choose to your pteference.

Well overall a very great game, higlhly explorable, pretty f2p friendly since you can fight just well with anything but getting gacha currency for a 10 roll is pretty hard. The battle pass is pretty expensive, understandable considering a game this good available for free. Definitely worth a try —if your phone can take the heat xD

To put it in a short review: Project sekai is bandori-like gameplay + pretty 3d live as pretty as im@s'

Yes, if you play BanG Dream before, you will get familiar with the game system very soon. There are some difference ofcourse, but overall: Characters type and selection, skill types, area items, upgrade items, gacha system, seal, etc is pretty much the same as bandori.

The gameplay is similar with bandori too, except the unique note block and slider.
There is 6 main line, each divided into two. So there's 12 total small note blocks. The incoming note will vary in size (usually its 2 small block size, but sometimes it come in 1 small block size or even have a large note loke 6 small block size).
The slider is more flexible, curving, or even rectangularly zigzagged (idk how to explain it better lol)

Song difficulty range is pretty wide, can get more than lv 30 song (similar difficulty measure as bandori). Yes, while song level 28 29 is already hell enough to break your fingers, in this game you will find songs with level above 30, a definite no-no for a casual to mid competitive players, but a real new challenge for the hardcore rhythm players.

Songs not so much since its early release period, but more songs will come for sure.

As for options, pretty much similar with bandori, except you can't choose note style and size, or the effects (which may take time to adapt for some players).

— Characters & visual
First lets talk about the art style, theyre awesome! They got rid of "same face" syndrome in bandori (no offense, at least they looks the same for me in the beginning). I already fall in love with their characters design the first time seeing it. Although— lot of them will remind you to a lot of similar characters from other series (welp, almost unavoidable considering how much anime characters made till now).

Now we talk about the 3D Live, damn, theyre so good, like, really good. yknow i was a bit pessimistic to them since bandori's 3d cgi but hell bro this one is so goddamn good. You play im@s and love the 3d lives? you will also love this one. Overall they are equally good for me. The options is pretty various too. You can prefer to show original performer for lives (instead of showing characters in your team). You can also make dresses for them in the costume shop.

There is also a feature called virtual live, where you play as a cute virtual avatar and watch scheduled live in-game with other players! If you love to see lives go check em out! There are some bit of conversations and such before between and after performance in japanese so, yeah, self-explanatory

—Game system
Well as i mentioned before. There is map, where you can buy and place area items. But theyre all can be placed together (unlike bandori with limited slot and must be swapped to other item).

Upgrading character, evolve, etc require items similar to bandori, smol thingy, medium thingy, and big thingy. Coins. They just have different appearance and name.

Some songs can be jought from shop.
Similar to im@s they have solo ver songs (and duo, for some). You can buy those songs ver with special tickets you obtajn from missions.

Gacha.... there's only 4 ssr currently afaik. The system is same with lot of other gacha games. 300 rolls for spark. Same as bandori, dupe char can be retired and turned into items you can buy ★3 gacha tickets, etc.

For me, this game is a dream come true.
You love bandori's gameplay?
But you also love im@s pretty 3d lives?
Then go check this out! Bandori with 3d lives!

Compared to soul worker zero, this is an overhauled version.

The graphic is lot more polished. The UI is neater too.
Skill placement and arrangement is auto so you cant really switch button location or the skill combo order.

The story overall is same but there is some detail difference compared to what i remembered from last time i play pc ver.

The battle graphic is adjustable from a very blurry for potato-friendly and a very beautiful max graphic which turned my phone into a heating pad. (adjustable with mid graphic, other setting to low but resolution to max)

The story mostly unvoiced, but some scenes are voiced both character and npc.

They made some skill changes in some character (even new skills different from pc ver) which is odd at first glance but will quickly used to.

Clan system, my room with 'neighboorhood'—so you with your roommates will help each other with some stuffs.

The city and dungeons is pretty much similar to the pc version, very well ngl.
Its much better than soul worke zero to the point i feel like playing the pc ver itself in mobile.

This game have auto mode too, which may not really be liked at first but you will get used to too. Since it can help you do quests faster, just tap any mission and turn on auto battle.

There's only 4 characters in the beta ver (haru, lily, stella, iris). Cant wait for its global release and EN port, if there gonna be one

This app pretty much give me how the app will be when launched.

Gameplay similar to BanG Dream, but it has very good 3d lives similar to IM@S Deresute. Not to mention they are featuring vocaloids too.

This demo ver only has 3 songs and most of the feature like peeking the character cards is still unavailable but this is a very potential game. Can't wait until launching date [開心]



New and refreshing battle concept. Is one of their unique identity. You can roam around the sky freely and battle at the same time!

The graphic is pretty much good with its anime-style.
The control may be hard to master for beginners but playing a day or two will make you familiar enough with the control.

The game system actually pretty similar to #COMPASS. In a lot of aspects. How their premium pass works, how they make the card types and their usage, how the elements system work, daily free gacha, gaining hero ticket from gacha, obtaining capsule from battle, etc.

Ok lets move to the gameplay.
It's a 4vs4 moba game that main goal is to collect as much crystals as possible and make enemy lose their crystals. You will want to take the crystals around the map and store them in your guardian (because if you die, you lose all the crystals). Be aware that bringing a lot of crystals with you will slow your character and also make you a top priority target to kill. Guardians will keep your crystals and shoot any enemy approaching it with lethal laser shot (1-2 shot to kill enemy). But they do have limits, it cant target more than 1 enemy, and will lose the crystals it stores the more damage it takes. And will eventually deactivated when there are no crystals left in the guardian so guard the area at all cost. You can also attack enemies guardian or anybody thst bring a lot of crystals. Well that's pretty much it

Once you rank up there will be 2 more mode, rapid ball and flag. Rapid ball's goal is to loot balls around the map, kill enemy's guardian and make as much goal as possible.

While flag mode's goal is to take your team's flag (which is often hravily guarded by enemy's team) and make 3 goals to win.

The rank of each mode is separate so you don't have to worry too much. But considering that all of them are teamwork, you may find it a bit stressing (or a lot lol) when finding a brainless teammates.

They have several characters with their own unique abilities. And their own disc compatibility too (so some character will suit best with close range attack, while other suit best with trapping, warp, or long range). I will recommend to do normal kicker gacha to obtain all of them before using costumes gacha.

Now come to the most issue from this game: balancing and long matchmaking.
I played from near launch and the matchmaking always a big issue. Sometimes you will be matched with higher rank and end up losing miserably because they have higher stats and mastering more of the movement that they can easily didge your disc skills and most of your attacks.
The player base, especially in global is pretty low, ngl. That make matchmaking will take forever sometimes. You won't find this issue tho until you reach much higher rank. This issue can be solved by using japanese VPN (so you matched with japanese players which has more players) but be ready to be crushed as most of them are whales. Your attack hardly scratch them, and youre a easy kill for them.

Arknights | English


The first time i heard about this game, i really dont give a fck even after seeing the gameplay. I thought it will be boring since it just a tower defense game (although i was a big fan of tower defenses). And there's one time i'm bored and try this one... this is totally amazing.

Graphic is great, the story is great. They go all out in all of the details. You can see every characters have their own bio, with extra informations unlocked slong the way to know more about your operstors. They have waifus, husbandos, and .... gacha!

It's a bit different with tower defense in general where you drop them, slowly upgrading them and become stronger from 0 in every stage.
In this game you gain currency in the game, upgrade them outside and when you come back to the same stage, you'll units will be much stronger.

Theyre pretty generous with the premium currency too, which can be used to buy outfits for your favorite waifu/husbando, or exchange for gacha currency.

Even if everything is just too hard for you, you can borrow a support unit from random friends!
Youre a brainlet, too lazy to think and only come for the waifus? no problem! there a lot of guides in the internet to guide you pass those crazy ass difficult stages!

Overall is a great game with great story, great graphic, great waifus and husbandos. It does take a LOT of grind tho.... you know nowadays game, trying to suck your lifespan as much as possible lol. But luckily theyre not too greedy making hella daily quests. The daily pretty easy to clear within less than 30 minutes.
It has auto deploy function too once you cleared a stage with your own operstors so this game is suitable for you with busy activity. Too bad it can't auto repeat same stage so you may want to check if the stage is already cleared by auto.

Oh! did i mention they have great BGM's too?

no doubt for cygames

One of favorite rhythm game so far.

Graphic is amazing, i have a bit PTSD of cringy 3d models but im totally fine with their 3d lives. All cards has their own model and theyre all amazing. The choreography is great but some of them looks repetitive and boring in some songs. They have 2d live too (like bandori or other rhythm game) if you find 3d live too distracting when play, or you can turn off all the background animation. There's some customization like dimmer so live 3d can be less distracting. (Coz sometimes the stage is just too bright and colorful that the notes cant be seen lol)

Lot of idols, lot of costumes, you can also customize your own costumes. Equip it in your favorite idols.
The skills are various to give you favor in different need.

Tbh i'm not really into idol stuffs and this game is one of the reason why i start liking them.

Personally i only love small amount of their songs collection, maybe like 20-40% of them. But their song collection do vary in genres so you may find some that suits your taste.

They have a lot of features to explore when you're bored. There's an AR studio so you can have waifu come into your surrounding with auto adjust so they appear as close as possible to their actual size. if your phone doesnt support AR you can just use in-game stage studio to view your favorite idol and tell them to do stuffs like posing, or singing.
There's a room too, with lot of furniture choice if you love decorating, you can make a traditional japanese house, an secret mecha base, a normal office, a cute room, a play ground, or even a beach or zoo lol. Welp they mostly do nothing in particular. But some key furnitures do give bonuses to your live performance.
There's a game center with mini games too ('cute ver' minesweeper, classic runner, etc)
They have comics and short anime keep updated too (in japanese and without subtitle obviusly). But to watch the anime you'll need a JP VPN active.

As for gameplay, there's 5 notes. 2 fingers-friendly so you can play using your thumbs But theyre a lot of tricky trap notes in higher difficulty (much harder to deal of compared to similar game like bandori).
They do have customizations like note style, note speed, etc. Too bad they dont provide customization to note size, transparency, etc.

They have multi live with some token farming to gain new idols or items. Events are always updated (to the point i cant keep up with all of them and just play casually when i have the mood to).

I never need VPN in my several years of playing until now but i heard some recent players need vpn to launch the app.

Overall iits great game with lot of misc features.
But beware of exceeding 10gb size if you play live 3d for all the songs lol.

And yes, this game is in japanese, you may need extra effort to understand stuffs like announcements, event descriptions or idol skills, etc.

#COMPASS | Japanese


This is a 3v3 moba game. Your goal is to capture as much area as possible within 3 minutes(iirc). There's 5 capture area (key) so you will have to fight and capture at least 3 key to win when the timer end (or capture all key to win immediately).

+Anime-styled graphic with high quality (can be reduced for lower spec phone)
+Has plenty of character that make the gameplay varies.
+Various cards (for additional skills) for strategic fight.
+Have lot of collaborations with famous titles like Vocaloids, Attack on titan, Re:zero, Angel of Death, Konosuba, etc.
+Doesn't need vpn

-Is in Japanese. That may take a bit more struggle to understand the hero skills and cards descriptions. Because some hero only effective with compatible cards that using random cards will put enemy more advantage.
-Might be a p2w in later rank. Since more investment mean more cards with more limit break and higher level cap. To say it in short: They had more HP and attack power than yours. Play regular match to avoid this (all card level will be balanced in regular match)
-Pretty hard to gain currency since youll need like 3k-5k to roll multiple times (they only give like 1 or ±50 rolls, no 10 rolls)
-The movement is pretty unique thst it may hard to control and master.

It's a pretty refreshing moba game, it doesnt take too much time for a match and very suitable for spare game. If you're a hardcore gaming aiming for high rank, you may get walled by those japanese whales. But if you play casually, this game is for you.

Though this game can become very boring for long term play because they only have 1 mode. (If compared to similar game like Kick Flight)

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop


Best android hot wheels games so far imo.

+A lot of familiar hot wheels collection. With their own classes that best suit some tracks (e.g: Truck class for offroad tracks)
+Plenty tracks that heavily influenced by hotwheels universe (orange track that goes everywhere, climbing up high to skyscrappers, loops, undersea tracks, pretty much various environtment that is fun to explore for hotwheels' fan)
+It has better racing experience compared to hotwheels:race off (where yohu can only accelerate and break)
+Has multiple daily modes and challenge to keep it fresh
+Pretty decent graphic that can be adjusted to be more friendly for phones with lower spec

-Require internet connection, even for offline races like challenge mode.
-The server is trash. Sometimes there are a lot of lag issues that force you to stop play and come back later. Some bugs too.
-Lack of control customization. No gyroscope control. Buttons/gesture only and cannot be customized (location, size, transperency, etc)
-Not so hard to obtain a car, but it takes decades to upgrade them and compete with the challenge.
-The balancing pretty bad. Unless you have a car with max upgrade, you'll have a hard time fully clear a challenge (at most you will only get like half of the challenge- but the rewards still worth it). But don't worry too much since some mode doesn't require you to be the first finished because they have different goals.

Overall it is worth ★5 but considering all the issues you'll have to think twice before playing it. But for a spare time game, it is still fun to play. Especially if you are a big fan of hot wheels



So i started this game not a while ago but i think i'll just write a review based on what i experienced

Gameplay actually not really appealing too much. It's a turn based battle. To put it in the simplest example... ninja saga. Your character and enemies has speed bar under their hp which is determine their turn to attack when the bar is full. When the character has a turn you can choose which skill to use (with 1st skill usually act as normal skill that has no cooldown). It's not really thaf boring tho, it has various thing like buffing debuffing, single target, AoE attack, and it takes some strategies on pvp and later stages. But it may be become repetitive as it's a grinding game.

Luckily they have auto features with 3x speed and a "repeat stage" which is very useful. As you can fill up your stamina to max and leave it to grind the stage for you as you do another activities.

The story is pretty meh for me in the beginning but it become more interesting in the later chapter. The side stories are unvoiced so im having a hard time to understand it and just skipped all for gems.

Gems are fairly easy to obtain so you can gacha pretty often like once or twice a week? the rate is pretty average too. They have bunch of quests and missions so you can be either casual player or a serious player, its up to you just dont stress too much about the game

The UI and the music is the first thing catch my attention. The musics are pretty interesting and good to hear imo, the too UI pretty cool, has Persona vibe in it lol

If you play the r18 version, it has some good full voiced live 2d scenes which is pretty cool, but as far as an h scenes to be, it just interesting in the first sight and get pretty boring in the next repetition.

Overall i'll give a 3 for the gameplay but 5 for their effort to the game

The superior version of ENdori imo.

The gameplay itself is pretty basic, easy to play, 2 finger friendly (which mean you don't actually need to tap more than 2 notes in a same time).

Story with live 2d and full voice to make it less boring and more understandable if you can't read kanjis, not really that impressing but stull may be refreshing in spare times tho (if you understand what theyre saying ofc)

Not going too deep into the review but one thing i love from bandori from other music genre anime game: The music library.

They have a lot. And the band itself are uniques with their own focuses. I personally love Roselia since the very first day of playing due to their rock nature and encouraging songs. They have cover songs too from various popular songs ranging between vocaloids, anime songs, and other songs as well. They can be bought in the store but they are pretty easy to obtain.
They have collaborations too sometimes

The various customization are pretty good with note speed adjustment ranging from 1.0 to 11.0, note size, adjust timing, note styles, etc.

The gacha is suck or my luck is just suck? but in term of getting SSR (★4) the rate is pretty average imo.

it has events with tiering system but playing casually to get the rewards without tiering too hard will probably still satisfy your need. You don't want to see how crazy the top ranker in gaining points lol. JP whales are scary

But this is a very f2p friendly imo -if you are not a thirsty top tier chaser

The Witch's House


I thought it is English ver xd struggling to understand

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i kinda bored farming in genshin and wondered when will this game released
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