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Games to run from this pathetic life.
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Games to run from this pathetic life.
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There's a curious man, there's a well, and he jumped down to venture into the depth with his gunboots.

A roguelike pixel game. Plain and simple but very addicting. Goal is to go as far as possible without dying. No, this is not endless so there's an end and getting to that point is pretty challenging at first and you'll go further as you get better in the game.

Very fluid movement, variety of enemies, some you can only defeat by jumping on them, some that can only be shot, trying to build combo by keep killing enemies without touching the ground at all. It's all so simple yet so satisfying to do.



A pixel semi-roguelike hack and slash game.
The combat is fairly simple yet pretty engaging the more you unlock gadgets and abilities to solve puzzle, make more variation to your combat and expand your explorations

It's fully offline and has no in game purchase, for a game lower than 200mb, it is very good, the graphic is vibrant and somewhat relaxing, wide variety of enemies that makes you think how to deal with them effectively, hidden puzzles and treasures you and your robot companion can discover if you keen enough to find them, even the small interactions with npc that help increase your abilities.

Overall it's a good offline game, very recommended for you who love pixel hack and slash game.



A simple yet challenging and addictive game.

This is a bullethell / danmaku game, quite a unique one since you flick the screen to move the character and tap to shoot. It might be pretty simple on start but it becomes quite hard on later part. it also add roguelike aspect to its adventure, adding more replayability to it.

The graphic is fairly simplistic but is good enough to enjoy and not overly flashy/annoying to see.
The bgm is quite enjoyable too, having touhou vibe to some extent.

The minimal amount of ads and ingame transactions really is what adds more positive impression onto the already good game. You only see ads when you want to (when reviving or doubling adventure reward). And the transactions are strictly for instant unlockables which is pretty much unlockable sooner or later.

A good offline side game that will stay quite a long time for me on my phone.

A review after forcing myself playing it for a while, in hope that it's not a grinding hell trying to suck every bit of my f2p soul.

The graphic is very good, almost unnecessarily so. A whole 3D waifus for a shootem up game. Which mostly only useful in home, and make the gameplay heavier. The skill cutscenes are mostly meh though, they all are unnecessarily flashy, that 90% of the time you don't even get wtf is going on. Definitely trying to torture people with epilepsy.
The story scenes are pretty good due to the 3D models, but they're all fairly short, and mostly use chat interface for storytelling.

Good i guess? i'm not very familiar with many retro games, but their soundtracks based on those games. Which is nice for a retro enthusiasts but kinda whatever otherwise.

It's a shoot em up games, STG, bullet hell, danmaku, whatever the synonyms are. You make a team consists of 5 casts, each with their own classes (tank/support/healer/dps) and a bunch of attack types (single, rapid, mini aoe, wide aoe, piercing, etc etc). Not to mention elements, so there are indeed wide choice to make your team adapt to the enemies.

The most concerning is the camera view, it use a free camera view and constantly rotates like crazy with glitchy effects and background, unnecessarily making things harder. You can use fixed above camera that gives you more stable view, but most of the time, far away enemies can't be seen as they're out of the screen.

There is auto mode but mostly only good when trying to dodge easy single bullets. When it comes to bullet hell they would just happily kiss the whole horde of explosives coming their way.

This is actually what lured me in to play. The setting is pretty interesting, you're playing as a citizen in a world dominated by SEGA ruling every aspect as the biggest company in the world. But as you about to get employed there, you suddenly shown their dark scheme.
SEGA has been turning their retro games into waifus called 'cast', corrupted them and used their power to change the world's history to their advantage.
Your task is to cleanse them and return the world's history back into it's original.

It is further revealed that there are other alternate world that ruled by other game companies such as Taito, Bamco, etc. Allowing other retro games from those companies to be added. So yeah, tldr: game companies turned bad, then turned their retro games into weaponized waifus.

The other points are good enough for me to keep playing except for the value. In the end, what motivates us to keep playing is how long can we enjoy it.

The game's gacha rate is 2%, fairly low, with a 200x pull required to spark. All the points are lost once banner ended, except if you're pulling on standard banner... which only give you standard casts. 🤷

You need 💎1500 to do a 10 pulls, and only get 💎20 daily.
You get most income as newbie from pushing arenas and panel missions. Stage clears ONLY GIVES YOU 💎5 for a 3 star clear [發火].
Additional incomes comes from arena (mostly 💎10 daily, around 💎300 weekly depends on your rank), then colosseums (guild raid, 💎50 per season on casual guilds, more gems on competitive one 💎500+).
So you mostly only get 10 to 20 pulls monthly with all the banners they constantly throwing at you.

It might sounds reasonable and all except for the fact you will also need figures (weapon) to match the casts (character). And you need BUNCH of dupes to get a high power, and the alternatives for these takes forever to grind. So yes, it's heavy P2W, but don't worry, not so many people is a whale here from what i see, they're mostly veterans who played longer and only pay occasionally. The game value talk for itself, not so many people would whale on games they don't think worth it.

The amount of time to actually build a single character is pretty long too, especially increasing the cast's version outside drop boost events. And farming accesories in the dungeon since it takes a whopping 150 stamina (for reference, your stamina capped around 100 on lv.50, though you can get 300+ staminas daily from missions alone). Increasing figure levels takes forever too, and the item for limit breaking & grade up high rarity ones are very rare. Basically a grinding hell bullet hell game.

If you love bullet hell games, don't care about not getting new and limited characters and their weapon, don't have epilepsy, undestand japanese, and willing to pay to get stronger, i will recommend you. Otherwise, just save your lifespan for better games.




Pics describe all, it's what it is and what you gonna get, not much to be said.

Okay,, honest review after playing since release as a f2p.

• Graphic
Let's say it's good, it's decent, not particularly very awesome but i think it's in better part. Pretty lot of option to lower the load on your phone. Resolution, fps, jiggly motion, etc.

• Sound
BGM is awesome, you'll soon see once you saw the composer from the music gallery, if you're familiar with them. The music are banger.

• Story
Story is mostly okay? kinda enjoyable with the occasional gag but might get pretty boring and dull at some point. Event stories are mostly boring too for me except that one from Christmas event. The character story is at least enjoyable while you wait your progress that take forever to unlock more main story (just YouTube the story ffs)

• Gameplay
It's a shooter game where you control one of 5 "Nikke" or robot girls in the team. Pretty straight up and simple. With skills and burst mechanism. Pretty much controllable with 1 hand but it might get pretty hard on later stages, no worry though, aim assist is there for you. Auto will do most job better in term of aim except when you need certain priorities on taking what enemy down first.

It's fine and all, at least in the first 160 level. And it's getting worse from there.
This game is mostly idle where you can gain resources from natural regeneration (depend on how far you're in the story).

And once you hit 160, your power is pretty much stuck there and can't proceed much to increase power unless you have 5 SSR that got limit broken 3 TIMES. What does that mean? YOU NEED TO GET 5 SSR AND GET 3 DUPES FOR EACH OF SAID SSR TO PROGRESS PAST THE 160 WALL. And oh boi, with the wide pool of SSR, getting those specific SSR is a pain in the ass. You will probably stuck for couple of months trying to get past that point except if you're whaling. You will try to collect these dupes WHILE they keep throwing new banners at you, so good luck.

At least gems are pretty easy to comeby from daily weekly and arena. And it took 200 point to spark and it's not expiring meaning you can save your point and immediately spark the future character you want once they come in.

Overall it's actually a potential game, but fall in the wrong publisher. There's so much circus going on since release, how they set a very high paywall on first event, how they let their character skills broken for more than a month only for them still getting another bug on the character skill. How they drastically reduce gem reward from later chapters, etc etc.

It's overall good for a side game. But not for a main game, except you're willing to spend fair amount of money to whale your way through your bracket.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon


One of the best low-sized pocket roguelike game that has been accompanying me through my potato days. Can't believe i actually forgot to review in qooapp.

The original game is Pixel Dungeon, it's an open source game. Shattered is the remake version, one of the best remake out there that still get frequent content update and balancing (which the original one don't). It also has google play connect so you can save your progress to your account (which, again, the original ver don't have).

As i mentioned before, this is a roguelike game, what does it mean? it's a high penalty survival game. You either survive till the very end, or dying and lose all your progress. Start over a fresh game with completely new randomized map and randomized item. So if you identified that red potion is healing potion, the next time you die and restart, that red potion might turn out to be a toxic gas potion.

The fun part is the exploring the dungeon and trying to go deeper and deeper to reach the last boss. And learning how to survive. Death is normal here, you will most likely lose in the first 5 floors attacking enemies recklessly. But with each death you learn new thing to keep in mind. That's the fun part. You will learn to not take a hoard of enemies head on, you will learn how to ambush unaware enemies, learn to reveal hidden paths, you can even learn to use traps into your advantage in battles. The more you learn, the longer you can survive.

It is really a complex and highly replayable game desite it's very low size. A rare gem you will haedly find nowadays with all the online and gacha games around.

Graphic is simple, since it's a pixel game, it is look more polished and improved compared to the original pixel dungeon. Sound is pretty iconic, it's not that amazing imo but not anywhere near bad so it's good. They added a tiny bit of lore recently in addition to the default "a dangerous underground dungeon" setting, which i don't read yet so k cant comment much on it.

But overall it is a very complex and challenging game within a very low-sized game. It's a perfect side-game for killing time. It won't bore you too fast with it's hard difficulty and high replayability. If you love roguelikes, you definitely must try this one.

Memento Mori


To start with, keep in mind that this is an idle AFK rpg.

Yes, the gameplay is idle. You can't control anything during battle everything is on auto, you can even skip the battle and jump to result screen to save time.
So no, you cant control a character to use what skill or who to target. You can only set them up before battle, make adjustments depending on their skill, and let them be. Outside of boss battle, the game will grind random stages for you so you will always have rewards to claim everytime.

Is this f2p friendly? yes and no. You can easily get SSR here, they're pretty generous so far with how easy to get SSR (note that SSR in this game is SR, whereas you can increase their rarity slowly to SR+, SSR, SSR+, UR, UR+, and LR). There are quite few contents to farm on like the towers, cave (roguelike thing with), pvp, guild raid, etc. Im sure you can get SSR's almost every month with all the grinds. You can even set your own wish list characters that will get increased rate to appear when you pull gacha. But yes, P2W is very obvious here, you pay a lot then you will get in higher ranking.

The cons is probably you will easily get bored by the gameplay because they dont even show the battle, it just illustrations with animation. You can skip almost every battle to result screen. And there is no stamina so you can pretty much spam the battles when you lose, there is limited time to challenge past battles however.

Now lets jump to the pros of the games. The real worth of them:

When i first see their branched servers and vip system, i was expecting some crappy bucks milking idle game. It is still a buck milking game, its business afterall.
But man, how i love the graphic, it has this mysterious and gloomy feel to it. Very fit for the game's theme. The L2D are amazing and smooth, i can watch their animation for hours.

Each character have THEIR OWN theme song. You heard it right. Every one of them. Their own specific song tied to their background and personality. I love a lot of their songs, they're even sung by famous singers. What's more amazing is they got both Japan and English version, same melody, same song, without losing their own meaning. They really did a very good job on this. I won't argue if this game is actually a music player in disguise.
The characters itself is voiced by famous voice actors too, you will probably noticed immediately.

I'll be frank. This game is lacking main story. Only tutorial that tells that the world is devastated by raging witches. You who inherited the staff power will slowly restore the cursed land and save those witches back to their sanity. That's all, and there is no further story. However....
You will be given memories, stories about each characters, story about their pasts. Each narated by the character itself, with a good and emotional voice acting. I almost brought to tears quite a few times reading those. They're very well voiced.

Gameplay is idle game, can easily get boring.
The real deal in this game is the masterpiece in their art, the musics, the witches' sad memories.
I personally hate most idle game, more over a P2W game with vip system. But the masterpiece in its art is too good for me to pass. This is probably the first time i'm willingly staying on a p2w idle game like this. I actually enjoyed playing casually in it. I can afk in home for hours only listening the song while watching the idle animation.

EDIT after few weeks of playing:
Good game with trash publisher management. Been weeks and no event. No compensation from maintenances. Just limited banners one after another. So there's that. Turn out it is the typical greedy idle game. Watch out and keep that in mind before trying to play the game for the gameplay. Will be updated if they changed their mind or i quit first.

It's a Tower Defense Game.

You play as a Shota who lost his memories and wake up in a mysterious island with Monster Girls.

Gameplay is well, Tower Defense, you set up the monster girls to defend the goal so no enemy can go through, pretty straightforward.
You can upgrade your characters outside, level them up with item or as you play. Use points to deploy them, move their position, etc. Difficulty wise probably fairly easy to mid i think, if you understand the characters trait and stage gimmicks, as long as your characters strong enough.

Graphics are cute? i guess, not much characters to my liking but they're fine. Legend characters got idle L2D, a simple one, nothing too fancy.

Nothing much to note about sounds too from me, nothing too catchy but they fit just fine most of the time. Except the battle sound fx and voicelines that can be pretty noisy and annoying.

Story is probably what i love the most. Its not something very heavy or mindblowing. But rather, its a light story, comedy here and there that made me chuckle quite a few times. If you can understand tho, since its in JP, but theyre voiced so it may make it easier to comprehend and not so boring to read.

Overall gameplay is good i guess, not very great, pretty much average in my standard. But the story is fun to read and is worth playing.

as much as i like dal, the game's not my cup of tea, cant say much




Simple, Short, and cute game.

The story mainly tells about the protagonist, "Time", who has been trapped in the eternal darkness and finaly meet someone else, "Space" who was crying stars and make light in her surroundings —which "Time" followed to find her. They then become friend and enjoy watching the stars —until something happened.

The 4th wall breaking mechanism is what make it interesting, as "Time" have the power to go to any timeline, making the save load system to be part of the story and going back after certain scene change the outcome of the story.

The gameplay itself is pretty short, not even an hour to reach the true ending —if you didn't stuck on some timeline, that is. It's not particularly hard tho, and the story is pretry much wrapped clean despite too short.

Overall cute and heartwarming. Size only ±80mb so it's worth playing in your spare time.

Also there is a bit of Shoujo Ai/yYuri involved, so if you hate those, might need a reconsideration.



What? Who thought this idea that combining gyroscope and a rhyhtm game would be good? THEY'RE TOTALLY RIGHT!

Gameplay appearance-wise its not something very new but the gyroscope aspect really bring in fresh experience —if not making people look at you for spinning your device like crazy in higher difficulty songs [汗顏]

Notes are pretty straightforward, tap notes, long notes, flick notes, with some 'catch notes' that you don't required to tap on it but you must let it land on the designated area by rotating your phone. But the most fun part is the rotating note where you must tilt your phone clockwise or ccw, they make it on purpose even as far as making multiple sfx for it to choose, with most being long and satisfying to hear and some with simpler sfx if you wanna cut the fancy sfx.

Song collection still small for now, 23 + 1 free songs unlockable through story mode and levelling up. 12 more songs from shop as packs (around 5 bucks per pack, 6 songs in each). Ranging from japanese, chinese, to korean songs, I won't doubt their song picks. Expect more free songs in future update, still hoping for an all pass purchase like muse dash lol since they was the publisher but lets not put high expectations.

Graphic wise is pretty good, visual sfx looking pretty good amd satisfying to see, can adjust the size to be very big for whatever reason or very small if you find it disctracting. Multiple note style type too, also customizable size. You can set the notes to be 3D (coming off as small and get bigger when get closer to the judgement circle) or 2D (move as it is from center to the side).

Overall a very refreshing rhythm game with unique concept. Might be confusing to play at first but will become pretty addictive gameplay. They had some pretty wide options for the gyroscope preferences too depending on what situations you gonna play, too bad there is no sensitivity setting yet as for v.1.0.3. Toyally worth the price, if you have a thing for rhythm game this game definitely a must try.

Oh, size is only around 770mb in v.1.0.3 if anybody wondering.
And it's playable offline.

Ayakashi Rumble!


I'll be honest, this gaem is pretty mediocre gameplay-wise. Story-wise, idk, i don't bother to read all these kanji without voice, too lazy to translate every frame.

But character design are pretty good. And yeah this is a sfw version of a nsfw game so wouldn't have touched this game in the first place if not for those. There are plenty of cute girls so why not eh.

One thing i really like about this game beside the lust-driven part is the music. Idk why, i just love the bgm's. Like the battle bgm, etc. Ngl i was kinda pessimistic looking at the gameplay and everything, looks like a typical cheap game that will have terrible choice of music, but i was wrong. it was better than what i expected.

Gameplay wise well its rpg but not turn based? the enemy coming to you in waves like in battle cats and such. You defense yourself with your lineup, you got energy over time that can be used to either use skill or revive fallen team. I like how forgiving it is in term of clraring stage. No matter how much your team died as long as you're surviving and have enough energy to summon them back before you die, you can still clear it fine. Well ofc there are elements, role, and such. But yeah there is auto function, which is fine if you're lazy, but might be a downside for some people.

This is gacha game, obviously (what game doesn't have gacha nowadays eh). The ssr (★6) rate is 2% for character and 3% for equipment. Its kinda fine but getting equipment does hurt lol. You can easily reroll by restarting app and delete account data though.

Overall, mediocre gameplay but a pretty 'fine' for a side-time killer-game. You may get bored pretty fast if not invested in the story or simp too hard to the character.

First of all, the gameplay is very common theme in Japanese rpg, turn based stuff. With some bit of their uniqueness. The gameplay is pretty fine, i like the GUI style. It also have auto repeat battle which is good when you want to leave your phone and let them grind theirself.

Story wise, idk, not interested to read it so far. It has L2D elements to it so its not that boring to read, it also got most of them voiced afair, which will help you understand the story if you cant read kanji but still can grap what theyre talking.

Sound, not much to say, its fine the very least.

Overall pretty average game but a good time killer and side game when you're busy.

Ngl the very reason i keep playing is for the r18 contents which is only accessible from web ver. And i download this ver just so i can grind when im busy. This version also saves you data from regular playing compared to the browser one if you dont have wifi around. The size take around 3~8gb? depending on what data you choose to download on startup (can be changed later).



A very good real-time action puzzle. The gameplay itself is similar to brick breaker games where you launch a ball and break all the bricks. Except in this game you launch a 'user' to destroy data cubes, bypass all kind of security systems to expose its core and destroy it to hack the interface.

What's unique about this game is that you can control the perspective of the stage, instead of preventing the ball to fall off field (like most brick breaer game). So thiss game require you to really time your attack and movement while taking advantage of the best angle to crack the goal. And depends on how you change the perspective, certain stage can become very easy to beat, or really hard.

There are some skils that you get throughout the story mode. For a puzzle game, it has a pretty interesting story and quite a world building. You can even have some choices throughout the story and some even give you riddle that if you answer wrong, it will lock your skill. (You can retry the scene and choose the right answer to retrieve the skill tho). There are even endings, depend on what decision to choose.

Stunning graphic. Good sound quality. Easy to learn gameplay and challenging stages with increasing difficulty. I really mean it, some stage is so full of threats it feels like an impossible one but once you figured it out you know iits possible. But even if you feels like stuck getting all the requirement to perfect clear, you can watch ads to skip and immediately get the clear.

The only cons this game has is that they lack on giving description on some stuffs due to using a bit of 'confuing' vocabulary. Like when you want to get a 3 key from cearing a stage, they say something like conection interruption and later i discovered that it means dying lol.
Also in later stages like in the joker stages, it can be pretty confusing too to know what to do i had to look up yt gameplay to figur it out.

Overall a very good brick breaker game. If you love puzzle and real time action. This game is definitely a must try.

Super Glitter Rush


First of all, this version of app is unplayable, you will be asked if you purchased the app or not or whatsoever so just download it from other source if that happen to you, it's a free game.

This game is a shooter game with very simple control. You have several character unlockable throughout the game with their own unique ability and trait (some with lingering boomerang shot, some with fast shot, some with lot of energy bar, some with blink ability, etc)

There's a total of 30 stages where you fight 30, different bosses with their own unique ability or even battle mechanic, so it will always challenging to challenge the new stage you fight.

I personally love the pixelated style with the pastel theme, you can even unlock new theme pallette for like every stage you cleared.

The BGM is surprisingly good too imo, not something i would expect coming from a low sized game like this. Pretty catchy and fit the overall game theme.

Conclusion. It's a definitely must try game, especially if you love stg games. It's only ±30mb, and you get this challenging and cute game. For a low sized game, this game is beyond great. Sure it don't take too long until you clear the game eventually but it's still has some challenge to beat and fun to play in your spare time.

Cat's Catnap


Cute puzzle. Graphic is lovely, gameplay is pretty unique and fresh, but can be pretty repetitive in long term playing.

The higher level the harder it is to clear since the boxes comes with holes, the cats shape is weirder and harder to fit, the time limit is shorter which i find pretty impossible for me to defeat atm. So far i only got to level 8 and its already hard to get to that point, leave alone proceeding to level 9 and so on. The point is, it is quite challenging cute puzzle game. Even if its in japanese, you can quite understand overall of it without much trouble.

A good time killer

Genshin Impact


Tbh idk what to say about this game lol.
I was gonna play soul worker academia and not really into this one not also into the hype. I thought it will be just a typical mmorpg with past kingdom and magic settings— but i was wrong.

So first, this is not really a "mmorpg". You mostly play solo adventure tbh, you cant see other players. Sounds suck right? But it benefit you a lot of things actually:
1. Youre phone is less likely to explode (the game is already heavy enough without mmo, imagine it with mmo)
2. You can pause the game. Yes, you can battle anytime, got interrupted by some business you can easily tap menu lr inventory and the game will be paused. Very handy.
3. You can manipulate in-game clock. Unlike dragon raja which the in-game time cycle is same among the players (which make clearing time-sensitive quests a pain in the ass), in this game you can manipulate the time. Lets say theres a quest require you to be in a midnight to proceed, then just tap the clock, set wait until 00.00 and youre good to go. Useful for in-game photography purpose too

Then what's the point of it being online? Well there is coop after you play for a while, where you can make strategies with other player about team composition and fight together (instead of swapping 4 of your characters, isnt making 4 characters fight at once much better?).
And the best part is, its CROSS-PLATFORM! Means you can meet players from pc and ps4! You can also probably use your mihoyo account to login and switch between mobile and pc easily. As long as youre on same server (e.g: asia), even if you and your friend play different platform, you can still play together (but ofcourse playing in mobile is the least convenient—due to potential device heat and harder control).

Now we talk about graphic. The anime-style graphic is as amazing as honkai and even better imo. Not to mention this is an openworld, the environments and all, very beautifully built, you won't be bored too soon (coz the map is hella big!). The battle feel is very smooth too, you can feel every hit you made. The effect is great. (compared to dragon raja with great graphic but meh battle feel, this is definitely better). Sadly there isn't costumes for characters. You can only change the wing glider design, and they only have 3 of them.

The overall gameplay is a rpg, you act as one of a twin who travel to different worlds, before suddenly interrupted by some badass goddess or something. Your sister/brother kidnapped, you lost your power and ditched into an unknown world so you travel and try to find your sis/bro.
You will follow quests, but most of the time you will want to travel and explore every inch of the map to loot everything you can find and fight various enemies from little goblins to hella difficult bosses.

There is gacha system, for both weapons and characters (similar to honkai impact).

You can fight with various playstyle, a sword for overall good balance, a claymore for slow but heavy attacks, a bow for sniping long range enemies or a catalyst to easily shoot any enemy near you.

But the most interesting battle system is the elemental interaction in the game.
Almost all things in the game include elemental stuffs.
Like if the weather is rainy, all enemy and characters caught in it will get 'wet' status, and if you use a character with cyro element, you will easily freeze every beings in it. Or if you find an electro enemy, you shoot fire to them to inflict overload and make the electricty explode.
There are various unique element combinations between wind(anemo), water(hydro), ice(cryo), fire(pyro), electro, earth(geo), and plant(dendro) element.
One other cool example is if you make a wind tornado into a burning enemy, you will make a fire tornado and ultimately torture the enemies caught in it. Just try it yourself!

And about gacha rate, pretty low i can say but you still able to fight effectively with any character as long as you make the best element combo with them.

The game is very heavy, obviously. Its open world with high details afterall. But its very adjustable from very low graphic to very high. 30 or 60 fps you can try it yourself, the game doesn't limit it, but you mihht want to watch your device temperature lol.

The language is very variable, there are 4 voice languages (english, chinese, korean, and japanese) so you can choose to your pteference.

Well overall a very great game, higlhly explorable, pretty f2p friendly since you can fight just well with anything but getting gacha currency for a 10 roll is pretty hard. The battle pass is pretty expensive, understandable considering a game this good available for free. Definitely worth a try —if your phone can take the heat xD

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