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hello Everyone
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hello Everyone
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hello hello im back
so long times not give review on qooapp
actually im already playing this game over 2months hahaha
ok back to review:

storyline ( 5/5 )
if anyone not knowing actually lapis Re: light already have anime before this game have released.. storyline between anime and game is different the main difference is because in anime no have (player) story but in game have it so maybe the anime is prologue before game start or not include it and start with new version story..the story in game is funny like hell and i loved it [開心][開心]

music (5/5)
anyone who love idol music game i really recommended this game you guys will love this game too..have many genres of song that can make you like it btw this game is not base like idol game that you need to tap many times to get full score so don't worry [為什麼]

gameplay (4.5/5)
it hard to say because im f2p player too sometimes on each stage will be hard for you even have over 200k power still can't get 3* on clearing all conditions but is not mean im give up already still can do more even you guys need bit hard work clearing all stage 3* gud luck[哇噻][哇噻]
overall gameplay is awesome for me really enjoyed even hard [怪笑]
oof im forgetting to telling you guys if you lucky each stage give free diamond so gud luck spamming stage hahaha

gacha (4/5)
one word for all f2p ( LUCK )[怪笑][怪笑]

that all from me enjoying this game and gud luck bye-bye

Figure Fantasy | Japanese


this game so unique and awesome ..i can't believe that Figure can be created to be so wonderful in game ..
Developer maker are so creative thank you so much for creating this wonderful game 👍❤️❤️

Yay this game already out ..need to wait 2 days more for official gameplay and this game can do total download before official gameplay out so you guys no need to worry when 24 feb come out you just can go login the game easily without download on that time

Download in game size : 3GB
Total size : 3.6GB

Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese


hello everyone [厲害]
im newbie here just played this game over 1 week's at first i thought this game is bit boring before download ..after that i try download this game and play it everything is changing this game is so fun too play not hard at all easy to understand the battle function..and the story in this game not bad at all if you can understand the Japanese will be easier too enjoyed the show [開心]

graphic designing 2D Animation battle is soo nice to enjoying .. even this game using CHIBI character as Avatar on stage battle still have Impact when all Characters have different skill type Effective..
btw some weapons SR/SRR have similar effect like character skill gud luck to get it [開心][開心]

lastly about gacha beginner players first roll can get 1 SRR and 2/3 SR character only because they put it like this after that when you guys clear 7days reward get 1 more SRR character... if you f2P players when you done get 3 SRR character after that don't using more gem on character summons just focus on Weapons gacha complete set 3 SRR character with good weapons first if you don't have good weapons it's hard for you to clear next stage over then your total power point..
but if you don't want use like this is ok everyone have own play too enjoy [害羞][害羞]..that all from me gud luck and enjoy your days

hi everyone [開心] totally beginner just started this game already 1 weeks
1: my first review is about tutorial is bit long not like other games when you clear first final chapter and then you already done tutorial in game but this game is bit different you need to open all required for example like after you lvup certain lv this game automatically go on mode tutorial to go there , do this , do that and far for me im not rush player so i think still can enjoy the game without rush when do tutorial but some player maybe will think this annoyingly when playing this game because everyone have different styles play right?[微笑]
2: the next is about quest system ..this game no have sweep tickets when do farming quest many times you want only depend on stamina players ..
3: yeah finally most important for f2p players is about GACHA system..when you done tutorial this game give free 10x draw gacha depend on luck [大哭].. after that when you already login 7 days in this game you got free 30x draw gacha tickets ..[大哭][大哭] don't be like me at first im not realize can save to 30 i already using it for 10x draw each time huhuhu damn im sad [大哭][大哭] total this games give for free players draw is 40 free draw ..if you want to get good luck just save more than 10x draw maybe 20/30 to get good card..10x draw is totally sadness depend on luck player But if don't like waiting to long its ok that your choice [微笑]..
4: even this game look so simple but this game animation battle is epic ..SSR when skill ultimate open they have anime effect animation style look so sexy and cute and fiere when they do skill ..SR and R have good animation too but not to superior like SSR style effect still can enjoy SR and R..
that all from me [開心][開心] i hope you guys can enjoy this game and Good luck ..seeya

everything is cool and cute battle and story is great almost fine for me..
but GACHA system is bit hard if you not p2w players but dont worry is not mean your luck is zero if you guys f2p players still have hope if you guys patient more can get 4* card..
because this game have every new 4* card update sometimes have 10free draw or 1 each days draw that time you can hope to get new 4* card if lucky or another 4* [微笑] that all from me hope you guys can enjoys and good luck [開心]

Blue Oath | Japanese


this game is soo game now already in 14gb right now the most heavy game ever for me [開心] but im not regret at all because this game is godlike creator come from heaven and im totally in love right now [色色] have a nice for everyone hope you guys can enjoy this game too like me [哇噻] bye2



for me this game is already great at start..because this game is all is about song and have a nice new storyline between old season show by rock from s1/s2 and new season show by rock mashumairesh make new collab story between them and show by rock have old ver. song game not so good like right now version...soo they have to put 1 by 1 band character from old ver. game to the new ver show by rock game right now..each update sometimes they put new song band character or new band for debut at new game.
about gacha i think no need to worry much even you guys no have get 6* card still can enjoy 5* or 4* card and this game have feature you can evolve the card using ( yellow, blue, red ) crystal but need certain lv to do that if im correct around lv30/40 you can evolve card like 4* card last evolve be 5* card and 5* card last evolve be 6* card so you guys no need worry about gacha because this game give chance for f2p for evolve the rarity card right now..that all from me [微笑][微笑] hope you enjoy and good luck

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