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Hi! Im devin! Im currently trying to make games, and also im learning japanese!
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Hi! Im devin! Im currently trying to make games, and also im learning japanese!
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Home Runtaro


Levels are fairly short but its a sweet little game. The last few levels are the coolest :)



Ive only played about 4 levels as of writing this review, but this is pretty good! the controls are responsive, and nothing is overly complicated gameplay-wise. thumbs up! (im aware that not all devices may not work with this game, but if yours does, try this game out!)

The Blockheads


Not good. I cant even create a damn world without the app crashing halfway through, not to mention it kept crashing when i started it up for the first time. I dont know why its doing that, but its not helping.

Not very good at the moment. It used to be a lot better but now it has a ton of errors. Sometimes messages dont send, or (somehow) are sent to completely different places (i have no idea why or how that even happens). not to mention it really likes to change things like ":P" or "B)" into their emoji forms, which just feels like a really pointless change too. I dont understand how you could mess up a messaging app like this.

Kinja Run


super fun mix of runner and bullet hell, i really like how well they mix together, and the gameplay is really fun too!
not to mention really good music and designs for both the character and enemies [開心]

its a silly fun game (at least, everything but the last stage is goofy, heh), i liked doing the puzzles a lot! the art style is super nice too!

Pandoraid: Action RPG


Feels like a game you'd find in an arcade, its super fun, and ads mainly show up when you choose. I really like the concept too!

This is not very fun. things are constantly moving regardless of if you are or not so if a projectile spawns on you its over. not to mention if you mess up even just ONCE, you need to restart the entire thing all over. even then, the continue function only restarts the room, so if you were about to complete a room but die, good luck cause you're doing it ALL OVER AGAIN.

White Island


Unable to even play. It keeps telling me "Connection is not stable. Please try again."

Pathos: Nethack Codex


A decent roguelike dungeon crawler game. you can even go into the menu and swap out the graphics and sound effects if you feel like it as well, which is strange to have but also kinda neat.

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