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PRSK Akito, Minori, Ichika, 25ji + Everyone stan!
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PRSK Akito, Minori, Ichika, 25ji + Everyone stan!
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So, it's similar to Bang Dream! but now with DJs.
First, the graphics are very nice, the UI is good enough. The cards are pretty, though they're just initials so I'm sure the soon to come events cards will be better.

The songs are decent enough, I like of Peaky P-key's music most. And the covers are very good.

Gameplay is Bandori but with some unique add-ons for the rhythm, but other then that it's very similar. We have multiplayers with 3 others, and a unique medley mode, where you play several parts of serveral songs choosen by other people.

I can't judge the story a lot since I can't understand much Japanese, but the bits and pieces I've seen are pretty good.

Gacha is quite generous, you get two 10 rolls at the beginning along with one guranteed 4*. Gacha rate is 3%, like most rhythm games.

Overall, a very hopeful new game by bushiroad. I'm looking forward to see more contents.
I like Shinobu most at the moment but I'm looking forward to everyone's story. [開心]

Wow the game production values is high! The game has beautiful art and story. The seiyuus are great, Riddle's crying in Heartsabyul story hitted me hard (the Hanae Natsuki curse strikes again). The gameplay is normal though sometime frustrating to me at least. The gacha isn't exactly the best but it's fine! Overall a high quality game☆

Palette Parade


The game is pretty cute. The art is pretty good too. The characters are adorable and they have very good seiyuus to back! (Especially Hubert but that's just the Hanae Natsuki curse I have) The gacha here are probably the most generous out of every gacha game I've played, with the rates being quite high! The gameplay resemble A3! and is quite boring, but I don't mind it all that much. Overall a good game to play in your free time.

Bandori is very nice. The game is super generous with it's gacha and gacha rates aren't all that bad. The music vary from good to meh but overall on the good side. The story is average and the characters are lovable. Stan Hello Happy World and Kokoro Tsurumaki

**Making a better review because Enstar is my absolute obsession now**

Graphics: The art of every cards is stunning, even the 4* look so good and the 5* are just marvelous. So much effort were put into every 3d models and mv, the choreography, the rigging, the texturing and the physics. It's very beautiful and amazing.

Sound: Enstar has really good songs and voice actors. Arte refact has done lots of good work for Ensemble Stars!! I also love how you can change who's singing in some songs.

Gameplay: It's run in the mill Rhythm but now with 3dmv, which unfortunately lags for me. It's not difficult but I can't do expert for life. Event is a different thing because tour event is so nice and calm while song event is a hell as you try to get 3.5 mil pts. Also trying to get dias is painful.

Storyline: The story picks off after Ensemble Stars! and is pretty good. I always feel proud when I see everyone growing and changing. The events story are great and same with the character writing (especially Knights)

Gacha: The rates are normal 3% for the 5*. The specific scout 5* take up 1%. We have feature scout with special story and gacha scout with a gacha story. Both giving wonderful MV outfits. It's hard to get a 5* that isn't initial though, for me at least


Overall: Ensemble Stars!! Music is such an endearing and lovely game. It has it's flaws but it make those flaws up with so much more. I'll continue supporting Mao, Knights, 2wink, Trickstar and every character.

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after a lot of work!i finally have full album of my best boy tsukasa!i love him a lot and im very happy to have all of him :D  Read Note
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