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The game is good, but the download is as boring as Honkai Impact's one, and seriously, give us F2p argonaut's event back



It's a really good game but there's a big default and it's that the dev change too much tthe gameplay, they don't understand one simple thing, they don't need to remove a trick, just make a traning mode

Play it, the plot is good, the gameplay is good, the characters are AWESOME, everything is good in Ac even the drop rate

It's amusing to see that if Nakkaba don't touch a fiction, it's better [The manga readers will understand] and for the game it's bad that it's don't have it own identity, it's just a mix of goods things from other games

Seriously try it, HI is a very good game and the plot is good af, the little bad point about it is that if you've an Android you can't check the plot of all the verse

Now let's talk seriously, we all play it for the story et and the characters, the gameplay is good but the big big point of FGO is the plot

Dokkan it's a great gacha but the dev don't exploit all his potential, The gameplay isn't one of it but the graphics and sound are some very goods points for dokkan, and Give us the HD, no seriously, Do it.

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[Spoilers] Oh...Well, let's Goku have some immortality type 2 Read Note
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