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Just your ordinary waifu rater, and a waifu png collector.
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Just your ordinary waifu rater, and a waifu png collector.
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Azur Lane | English


I've been playing it for 2years now.

The hard grind of 3-4 and other maps just to get the ships like Akagi,Kaga,Jintsu,etc.

The Gacha via building, Event ships have higher Percent Rate to be dropped. but it still depends on you RNG.

You can really get hyped when it comes to the story, the story is all awesome same with the event story.
Amagi-neesama still makes me sad when i reread the event.

Your shipfus turn into 2D characters and control them via dpad, (or just auto it). dodge many torps and suicide ship(CMIIW).

This is a waifu collecting game aswell, Belfast,Enty,Lusty,Hood oba-san,Nagaloli,Amagi,Eugen,etc.
Find you own shipfu that it have your taste.
Mine is,
Best shipfu according to my heart
- Cool Meido ready to fight and server you both in battlefield, or in home. know you better than anyone like to look at your troubled face, and sleeping face.
one of her dialogue calls you "Darling" makes me complete.
Best shipfu according to my preferences
Prinz Eugen
- Cool and Teaseful shipfu, teases you all the time like an ideal girlfriend or wife. calls you in pet names it's the way of them calling their lovers in that way. and my first married shipfu that's been with me for 692+ days.
Best shipfu according to my fetish
- Best kitsune mom, once watches over akagi,kaga.
i would like to give my lungs to her if needed just to help her stop suffering from tuberculosis.

- It's best to spend your gems you get from events,story maps,etc to buy dock space,dorm space(for atleast 4-5 to add slots for exp + affection points). or you can give your wallet and soul to akashi to buy gems and buy skins you choice.

That's all i guess.
P.S I love Eugen as she's been with me longer than any other shipfus, but i also love all of them to the point i could sacrifice myself just to save them.

Among Us


Good and all but it's more better and fun when your playing with your friends. not like me I don't have one.

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


I just played a days ago, and found this game good.

The Gameplay is good and all especially with that hack and slash QTE and stuff. but you might get tired from it but i won't i can see em in open world if you know what i mean.

The sounds and storyline are also quite intriguing for me. I'm still in Chapter 4 though, I've seen many AMV about this game [some of them are just mixed up tho]

The Gacha is also have a good drop rate especially if you don't have the S Valkyrie [Dorm Supply], in events supply are prolly based on your blessings of RNGesus,

i might rated the game a lil high but this is my honest opinion.

I'm playing for awhile now, and the ingame Currency are currently quite hard to obtain, the only possible way to get is Login, Story Mode, Events, etc.

I don't think it will last that long if it releases on the west with an english version.
just my opinion that is.

Played the game for a day now ~

Date or Die?

The Game is 3.27GB

Too big for your storage?
why not delete some secret stash in your folders,
or delete some games your rarely play or maybe your videos back em up.

Is a kind of a Hack & Slash Platform.
not bad actually kinda fun for me.

as you may know every gacha is on your luck and by the abide powers of RNGesus. so goodluck if your new you can create multiple gmails and reroll.
there's a guide how you can reroll in google.

seems not all waifus from date a live still here.
it's still Tohka -> Miku, well it's newly released and i have no idea how the chinese version. on how many playable characters they have.

The story is quite the same as the Anime.
I've rewatched it multiple times, so i pretty much sure what is going to happen. though what's the harm of reading the dialogue.

some of the daily dates with your waifus.
have a limited time of choices to be pick so read the story and what they want better. far as i know only origami have a limited time choices.

Some dates also require other choices to be picked for other endings, normal, true, etc. If you choose the same choices you'll end up the same try to pick other choices, though don't forgot you only have 3 times of dating + Tickets.

not all phone user have atleast 64GB - 128GB.
Some of them are just using 32GB, but if you really want to play the game that long what's wrong with sacrificing some of your games. or emulator games.

P.S Kurumi best girl until i die.

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