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Oh my gosh dude where do I even start. The gameplay is so amazing, I can't even describe it with just words! The characters in the game originate from different countries, have different personalities, culture, voices and stuff! There's a feature which you make one person say one thing and the other one that you choose will say the exact same thing but in a different language! How awesome! Dude, you can even play the game offline, although doing that online gives you a much better experience. Plus, unlike most games out there, you get to actually choose the storyline! How awesome is that!

10/10, would recommend!

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Oh my gosh dude where do I even start. The gameplay is so amazing, I can't even describe it with just words! The characters in the game originate from different countries, have different personalities, culture, voices and stuff! There's a feature which you make one person say one thing and the other one that you choose will say the exact same thing but in a different language! How awesome! Dude, you can even play the game offline, although doing that online gives you a much better experience. Plus, unlike most games out there, you get to actually choose the storyline! How awesome is that!
10/10, would recommend!
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