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Longtime fan from the west. i would love more western support from this franchise now that there is a definitive online source for the whole collection. This has very solid and clean graphics, and i would subscribe to the full collection INSTANTLY if i knew i could.

with that out of the way, this app is so solid on my Oneplus 6. I love that you get so much included for free, even some old favorites! I'm getting used to the touch controls, theres a good sweet spot around level 5 where you can jam without much frustration.

my biggest observation that doesnt effect gameplay: if you switch between apps while this is open, the sound will crash and youll need to restart. but this wont be a problem mostly since you wouldnt wanna multitask and it reopens very quickly.

my dreams: connecting my pro usb controller through OTG (i know its possible), and having the ability to buy a subscription. i want to play it all!!![開心]

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