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Used to be active on the Enstars QooApp forum | Twitter: @ruildred | TatsuHiyoShuP / Valkyrie & Double Face. Check Pins!
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Used to be active on the Enstars QooApp forum | Twitter: @ruildred | TatsuHiyoShuP / Valkyrie & Double Face. Check Pins!
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Very chill game. Its always there for me when i get bored 🫶

Obey Me! Shall we date?


God, I've always loved the shall we date games. Unfortunately for me, i can't really get into obey me like the other swd games. I tried downloading it when it first released then deleted it just a few days after. Tried redownloading it a few years later and I still cant get into it or play it everyday. Getting gacha currency is quite hard too if you dont grind rlly hard.

The game has a quite interesting storyline and I really like the characters too though. It's really sad that I wasnt able to get into it... Maybe im still stuck at Blood in Roses 😔💔

Alr first of all, Lovebrush Chronicles.. Don't have an issue with the name and it sounds cool/ok but honestly I prefer the original name since idk, For All Times sounds much cooler.

For the game/gameplay itself, its alright. It takes quite a while to gather diamonds for a ten pull if you're free 2 play though (or idk, it might be just me) but other than that, I really enjoy the game

speedran all the stories in a day lol

but anyways, its really a nice game! the rates aren't the worst and it's really easy to gain dreamstones (the gacha currency, 1 ten pull costs 1500). Events are okay since it doesn't really need you to grind stages 1 by 1 to complete milestones (you can use skip tickets!), the maximum pts i got in most events is around 110k which is enough to 4* both the event meister and fairy! its a really chill game & i feel like some people might find it boring though, but it is really fun so

Merc Storia - Japanese


pretty good actually! I tried playing Merc Storia because of the enstars collab but i stayed because the gacha and gameplay isn't that bad (also hot boys and free 5*) !

The moment i joined in, there was a free 10-pull everyday campaign and as someone who is very interesed in gacha this game is an instant pass

I love the chinese version of enstars a lot! its so much easier to gain dias here and it also has auto, though i kind of wish that you could change the difficulty for story challenge lives since its kind of annoying to always play in normal

Alchemy Stars | Global


its a pretty nice game but not enough to motivate me to play everyday, the gacha is ok and grinding for gacha currency isn't that complicated! i kind of wish there were free skins but it's not really important so

obviously a nice game, It followed CN updates which i'm glad since i've been playing a lot of CN-based enstars these days!

I love the characters as well as the cards/illustration. I've only read some translations of this game and all i can say is that the storyline is amazing and interesting! Both Season 1 (Enstars!) and Season 2 (Enstars!!)'s storyline is so fun to read! The gacha is kind of bad because tatsumi won't come home lol (/j its pretty hard to grind for dias quickly so) and for the gameplay, compared to the other version/newer version Enstars!! Music, this game feels more casual and i feel like some people might get bored easily when playing this game. Event cards takes a lot of time and dias to get and once you miss it, you'll have to grind more for memorial coins. But its ok! if you're a simp, none of that will matter!!!!



Gameplay is nice, could get a little boring though. characters are amazing, their designs are also cool (ofc its LAM-senseis work) so far i'm liking it very much!

banger, i love the characters, i love the gameplay, even though its kind of boring but its still very fun when you want to kill time!

Fun Game! I used to play it a lot back then sadly due to me being more focused on proseka i lost all my bandori skills but who cares, kaoru is still best girl!

I love this game. I started playing Project Sekai back in 2020 (on Japanese version) and immediately fell in love with the characters and groups. I used to come for the vocaloids but i stayed for the characters. Each character is unique in their own way and theit designs are also very pretty! As for the storyline, the concept of it is very unique and interesting all of their stories are really fun to read. The cards has very pretty illustration. I'm not really a big fan of the gacha though since there isn't really any pity but its okay! The rates aren't that bad. For the gameplay itself, its really fun! I would play it for hours and hours non stop, especially if i decide to tier in an event. I really recommend this game to those who need something new or want to play a new rhythm game!

Ah yes, cookie run. The game every genshin player goes when mihoyo announced their anniversary awards. But other than that, its actually quite a fun game. I still prefer the ovenbreak version but Cookie Run: Kingdom is also fun and interesting. I really like the PvE battles. It sometimes gets very boring which also is the reason why i kept on missing log ins. The game is also very generous, every month there will always be rewards to look forward too. The gacha rates are also not that bad (except if you are aiming for ancients and legendaries because the rates are s**t). Arena is quite annoying and a bit boring. You could get opponents who are way higher tier than you which is a bit unfair. The characters are interesting, the costumes are also very pretty! The kingdom building isn't too complicated and it makes it fun to play. I would recommend this game to those who likes kingdom building type of games also people who are into games that an "ok-ish" amount of grinding. It isn't really my type of game but its a very nice game!

Promise of Wizard


Hot Characters, Gacha, I'm glad they have a reroll option to get your best boy/cards but sadly, i am not really a big fan of the gameplay. Its quite boring and it also kind of takes time to get gacha currencies. But its ok, i forgive because hot boys

Wind Boys!


I can't read japanese much but this game is the only raising simulator thing game that kept me hooked, Hot characters, interesting gameplay, I highly reccomend it to people who needs more gacha games to add to their collection!

Epic Seven | Global


cool ass game until they decide to kill off 2 of my most favorite characters (y'know the green dude from ep1 and ep4) anyways yeah im pissed

Nice game if you're a fan of Enstars, getting diamonds are kind of hard which sucks. The music is nice and so are the characters, i'm not really a big fan of most of the beatmaps and the layout of the game. Since i'm a thumb player, i had a hard time hitting notes and do the flicks. But other than that, it's a pretty good game (2021/08/21)

Edit 1 (April 1, 2022): Ok so i decided to give this game another chance (even though its not the first time i deleted and downloaded this game), and uh.. all i can say is ii'm probably obsessed with it. It turns out i was just shit at the game back then or probably my position was still using prsk position which is definitely a bad idea to use in enstars... shu itsuki banger

Edit 2 (May 8, 2022): been a month after the last edit about 2-3 months since i returned, yeah i'm obsessed. Please remember to not be like me and spend 3k dias on a single event if you're free2play, you'll regret it [大哭]




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