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Pop Culture Crasher
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Last Origin | Japanese


It's for horny people. [厲害] It also has the potential to be one of the good games out there but it's missing some commands that a game of this type needs. Regardless, still an interesting take in the genre. And don't forget the titties!

They really put so much hard work on this game. Though I am not a fan of the graphics, the creators deserves this rating. It's kind of the spiritual successor of the Chrono series (2 to 3 of the developers actually came from the franchise so that explains it). 11/10 [哇噻]



Best Fighting game in the market in my opinion. And yes, this is from a guy who played Mortal Kombat and other 3D fighting games on android. Has better mechanics, sounds, graphics, and story. Feels lite in the device. Boobies everywhere. The game has all of the good stuff. [怪笑] For FGC only. <- Only FGC people will know what it meant. Enjoy!

Yakuza ONLINE | Japanese


Ryū ga Gotoku has 7 games in the franchise. This spin-off is actually a good model for those who want to become familiar with the lore and characters. Rates at average to good. They also have free 7-day, 10× SSR Gacha pull for those crying babies who always complain about bad rates. Needs to be localized though. Highly recommended. [微笑]

I just started to play the game yesterday and felt like the new players were given 1 step behind the veterans due to its enormous gifts. I would say it's really appealing though there are some bugs that I've experienced. P2W tag is in all of the games recently but to think that this game is considered to be one, it really doesn't matter because you'll be slapped with almost $500 worth of free-to-play items for you to consume. Gacha rate is average to very good. [賣萌]

Legends of Runeterra


Hands down to Gwent's worthy rival. If you plan to get into TCGs, I highly recommend this one. Riot Games will do anything to milk their IPs just to win over Valve. [開心]

Probably the best P2W game in the market today. You can even buy 1 SSR for a couple of dollars! I can't lie about the graphics, music, and gameplay though. The game even surpassed ONE's other IP game, One Punch Man: The Strongest. Not the same publisher and developer but they should really consider sticking to those who polish their games such as this one. Outside quality always wins even with shitty contents. I recommend you to give it a shot just to experience the quality I am talking about. [委屈]

You are not gonna like it at first due to the game's introduction of its core game mode, PVP, and moments after it, you will be forced to participate in a PVP match on the spot, which is crazy because you know you didn't sign for it. Then after the tutorial, you'll eventually learn that there are other modes like Campaign, so what a relief right? Yup. Gacha seems to be more convincing compared to other anime games. Highly recommended. [厲害]

This game is underrated because of its franchise name, Shin Megami Tensei. No one gets it. Not all people understands the game's mechanics and let their emotions rate it for them. Not for people who's not a people. 9/10 [汗顏]

Make sure to bind/link or do whatever you can to connect your account to your Email/Facebook or whatever it needs to save your progress. I lost mine so have fun. [大哭] Gacha rates are average to bad.



I don't know what to say. It's not even working on my device so.. No. 😂

Japanese gacha rates are surprisingly high compared to its Global counter part. You'll be thinking of uninstalling it after an unsuccessful draw. 6/10 for Elizabeth's fanservice.

Kamen Rider: City Wars


Best Kamen Rider game in the android market today! If you are fan of the franchise, language barrier doesn't matter. Or is it? [不滿]

Good game but the gacha rates really wants you to be a villain. 6/10 for effort. You can't hate Ms. Rumiko Takahashi though!

Apparently, I lost my progress. It sucks but overall, it's a good game. Gacha rates is very good. It still sucks that I lost my account though. [大哭]

This really needs to be localized. It's like going to another country and you forgot your dictionary and lost your smartfone. Though I can play Japanese text-based game, this is kind of difficult if you are not familiar with it. [難過]

To be honest, the game is boring. Unless another collaboration is on its way (like the recent Berserk collab), it'll be like going to work everyday and we all know you hate working. [委屈]

I actually have the Global version. I just downloaded this version to rate it here on QooApp. Guess what. You have a lot of options to gain an A+ character by following the instructions below:

1. Reroll
2. Wait for homecoming events
3. 14-day Login rewards
4. Specific character gacha boosts

That's 4 A+ characters already! Not bad for a 2% standard gacha rate game. If you want to give this game a shot, this will be your guide to success. [開心]

My rating tells it all. 1% SSR. You do the math.

The fun part is you can play it easily even with Japanese text. Gacha rates are skyrocketing! Homecoming rewards feels like you are being pampered like a kid. Very underrated game. [賣萌]

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