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RPG and FPS is my cup of tea
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RPG and FPS is my cup of tea
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These are the future units you guys need to watch out for

A2 - Ultimate physical firepower can deal upto 99999 damage
Cyrus - Magical potency fire ice lightning damage
Rinyu - Buffer decrease SP consumption, atk and damage
Alfen - BP and Status Recovery
Ophelia and Agnes - resurrection ability
Cecily - BP passer +1 BP at start and 4x spear,book,axe
Richard of Riven - 4x sword debuff, self buff

The game is finally and officially in english no more rooted phone trick to translate the text in english. I played this for 3mos. in korean version because no matter what I do my phone wont translate it to japanese text smh.

"No matter what you do max out your 3* gears" theyre better than 4* if youre planning to play this as an F2P.

ECHOES of MANA | Global


This is the worst installment that Square Enix released in the mobile platform bugs everywhere feels like the game is very unoptimized for the platform as if theres no beta test that occurred.

1. It gives you an error when repleneshing stamina with no indication that you already replenished your stamina for that day it boots you out from the start menu

2. Hellish frame drop I'm using a Asus Zenfone 7 pro and on standard graphical settings to maximize battery power but when it comes to boss fights, cluttered enemies and skills the frames drop drastically

3. Retrying a stage frequently disables your ST and skills unable to tap them the resolution is to close and reopen the game and try again

4. Equipping a weapon cosmetic that is not for that character boots you out from starting menu

5. Joining Coop rooms sometimes doesnt load and kicks you out from the starting menu

6. Coop is very unstable Mega Spirit Magic is the strongest burst mechanic of the game but theres no sign that someone already used it and when you tap on it you do nothing and renders you vulnerable to attacks.

7. Chapter 5 Boss AI on hard is Ultra annoying this feels like not the intended CPU pathing the boss moves frequently to the end of the stage making it harder to see her attack pattern but this can be manipulated in the first phase of the fight

8. Coop settings needs to add a power rating restriction level is kinda useless even when youre level 80-90 you can still be at power rating 4k

9. Party AI is so dumb that you sometimes they are getting locked on an enemy specially if its a mushboom or that pesky leaf archer like chobinhood. This is becoming more like Guardian Tales wherein it doesnt matter how you make your non controled character stronger they just die in a matter of seconds in a boss fight this is true especially in Future Princess Chapter

10. When you use a skill it just sometimes just do normal attacks and when you mash the skill button it sometimes do a second skill like its pre tapped this is annoying because it renders you vulnerable in harder stages

11. Failing a stage doesnt give you back your stamina this needs to change because of how the game is very unoptimized.

12. Mana panels sometimes doesnt load and needs to be reloaded by going in and out of that character or changing screens

13. For a 2D game this installment drains alot of battery and if you charge your phone it sometimes causes drastical frame drop. I dont know if this happens on other phones but it happens to me alot.

14. Poison needs to be nerfed I understand that being stunned renders your character unable to act for 2-3 secs but come on poison is very unbalanced on this game it doesnt matter how high your CON or SPR is you still get poisoned and when you get poisoned it eats away your HP as matter of seconds I built Honeycomb for this because he has cure poison.

Conclusion: Trying to revive the Mana series is a very welcome act for me because The Mana series is one of my favorite childhood game but the current state of Echoes of Mana makes me wish for it to be removed on the Playstore and fix the game becauae its not yet ready to be launched.

PS: I dont know why people rate this game so high as if they only played the tutorial of the game. People who claims if they did not encounter strange enemy behavior or the game is smooth sailing is either using a MOD/HACK that they can't observe how the enemy works on this game

What the F is wrong with this game? its tapping everywhere in the start menu and then once I minimize and go to a different app it stretches out unable to tap anything any fix for this?

Heaven Burns Red


Heaven Burns Red is one of those games that pretends to be an RPG but in reality it's just a visual novel. The day cycle system akin to PERSONA wherein you level up your relationships etc. is a solid choice for this simulation game however the Battle System is the biggest disappointment for me. The break and overdrive system has been widely used in other games and doesn't bring any ingenuity to it's battle mechanics.

The game is better as a visual novel rather than putting a Battle System that's really weak, stale and bland even HYPERDIMENSION NEPTUNIA does it better and is considered one of the worst RPG.



What were they thinking about creating this crappy Chocobo game? Back and Forward controls what a f*cking lame idea! They should've just ported Chocobo Racing with multiplayer function on mobile or created a whole new Chocobo Racing IP with gacha mechanics. What's f*cking better is creating a new Chocobo Dungeon with elements that will cater the mobile market. What the hell is wrong with you SQEX!? What's with the f*cking crappy games you guys recently release like Just Cause f*cking mobile, Asylum sh*t something and those sh*tty FF pixel remasters that crashes every 5-10 f*cking minutes.

Do me a favor SQEX and cleanse your company and make way for younger people who has innovative minds and terminate those who f*cking deserved to be terminated.

League of Pantheons


I am never a fan of idle games but this game is the worst in the genre. It's design to make you feel powerful but in the end they will throw a neverending paywall in your face. VIP status inclusion in a game is a definite pass for me.

Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi


A great mix of DQ and Match 3 puzzle akin to Magic the Gathering Puzzle Quest. Some mechanics are borrowed from
SQEX old puzzle game Gyromancer.

Rerolling is the biggest issue here you are forced to complete the whole chapter 1 for you to get x10 pulls and I tried checking if there's a way to bypass it but I'm unsuccessful.

All skills are relevant and has deep connection to the lore like for example. Moosifer skill is Kaboom! In all DQ games Moosifer can really cast Kaboom! Great Dragon can unleash Ka-Crackle Breath so on and so forth.

DQ Keshi Keshi has a funny storyline easy to digest to some readers and the gameplay is easy to pick up but some stages can be annoying at times if you want to get a mini medal(3*).

Rerolling and tips to get high score:

When rerolling aim for the ff:

1. Archdemon 5* - has uber range and could easily clear debris (currently the best unit in the game).

2. Killing Machine 5* - X attack x2. X attacks are OP in this game even the 3* unit who has this type of attack is stronger than some 5*.

3. Dragon Killer 5* - This sword unit destroys everything when skill matched dealing massive damage.

Tips to get high score and 3*.

The game score mechanics is simple kill everything you can with 1 blow by matching the same unit while keeping your HP at full. Both Overkilling and Elemental Weakness also plays a role in getting a high score.

The game is very unoptimized, crashes alot, button not tappable, bugs and error everywhere like sending aid to sworn friends pops an error code and the game crashes.

Gameplay is just a common theme going among gacha games nothing amazing.

Graphics is beautifully rendered to capture the anime.

Sound/BGM is okay no notable bgm that will get stuck thru your head

Brave Frontier ReXONA


Gumi is hated not just in Japan but globally after what they've done to FFBE and WOTV. So that's why you see Alim Co LTD as the publisher of this game. Take note that Alim is a subsidiary of Gumi.

Alim's track record in Japan and Global is very good in terms of how they handle and cater to their players. They seem to always have the right action to any problematic issues that pops up. I'm gonna try out this game since it's published by Alim.

I played the JP version and the only difference is they are very stingy AF in Global. I remember when it first launched in JP there are tons of gem rewards even small issues in game rewards 1000 gems if I recall it correctly!? but here you only get SSP(small stamina pots).

JP version suffered alot from people who modded the game hopefully in Global they will upgrade their defenses against modders!

Reroll: Who should you look for!

A2 4*(SSS tier) - is still the best character to invest. Her longevity far out shines the rest of automata vol.1/vol.2 characters due to her insane amount of DPS. Upto this date A2 still dominates PVE and PVP in JP. Its best to get her to LB4 ASAP! Use your pity and pray that you get alot of A2 dupes!

- recommended memory: +30% atk -30% def or +15% atk

F66x 4* - Your healer and will support your team in EX quests. Her skill heals party members for 40% HP at max level. She is definitely a keep.

- recommended memory: +15% atk or +15% def

Fio (Simulacrum Girl) - Same with F66x a healer though she's a mix of a tank and heals and if you dont have F66x she is a good pick for a support as well her skill deals damage and heals for 30% hp at max level.

-recommended memory: same as F66x or +15% crit

In your 3rd and final slot choose who ever you want to but in the long run when you unlock EX character quest and unlocked that specific charcter use her/him. If you enhanced/weapon upgrades the ff: characters (2P, 2B, 9S, Frenlyse, Lars). Dark-Lars is the best choice to get because he pumps alot of damage very useful in PVE on the other hand Gayle aka. Frenlyse is PVP oriented.

Subjugation: What to expect? It's akin to the raid mechanic seen in various gacha games it consists of 3 waves and a scoring method. You need to deal as much damage as you need to for you to get a high score. 3 waves meaning 3 characters in 1 wave (no duplicate character costumes) a total of 9 characters, 27 weapons, 9 companions and 27 memoirs.

Edit: The game's state is ultra fast they cramped in 4-5months worth of content in just 1 month. Again VERY STINGY AF no no free gems (gems you get from main stages arent counted). A total of 4-5 months worth of free gems gone in the drain.

Krazy Kakoom


Pata pata pata pon

Kingsense | English


The game is a rehash of their popular game Illusion Connect with a change on its gameplay. Illusion Connect is way better than this game.

Eden's Door | Japanese


a 2d side scroller gacha game with obnoxious rates and obviously this game copied the foundation of Grandchase trying to milk your wallets dry with an absurd amount of effort in limit breaking your character. Its system is so bad a mish and mash of what you already seen in other gacha games. Graphics is okay ofc its made in Unity Engine, Gameplay is good but damn the stages are very generic go forward and beat up some enemies even an arcade game such as fatal fury, caddilacs and dinosaurs etc. have diversity and uniqueness in their stages. This isnt an RPG its a beat em up game disguised as an RPG and it obviously failed its job on both.

If Simon were to judge this game "ITS A NO FROM ME!"

Play Together


This game is what we're waiting for! This whole thing is reminiscent of Nintendo's Mii the gameplay is a bunch of mini games that you can enjoy with other people like the Legendary "Miitopia" wayback Nintendo Wii and Wii U.

Its recommended for everyone who just wants to sit and relax have a chat and play with your friends or strangers unwind and speak your mind. This is the type of game that made MiiVerse popular!

No salty gacha, no overbearing challenges. Just pure fun!

Masterwork Apocalypse a cookie cutter gacha game with a few tweaks in its gameplay.

The gameplay is similar to "Skies of Arcadia" (Dreamcast) and The "Shadow Hearts" Saga (PS2) minus the Judgment Ring wherein you can move freely in the battlefield and prepare your next move or attack/skill an enemy within range. Shadow Hearts features the same combo system used in Masterwork Apocalypse as shown in the tutorial stages.

Ive already seen all kinds of RPG from the NES era up until today and Masterwork Apocalypse is an enjoyable rpg though it lacks something to be called something unique to other Gacha games

A solid 4 out of 5



Fck! The game's animation is so effing beautiful on par with Guilty Gear. Overall the game is the same as other gacha games. Rates are okay 3.5% and a reroll 30 times tutorial summon.

Leap Trigger


My phone is definitely AR supported I can play a bunch of AR Games like Witcher, Pokemon Go and Catan World Explorers. Now you gave me an error stating that my phone doesn't support AR? Are you fcking kidding me I'm using Asus Zenfone 7/7 pro!

A cookie cutter gacha game. They shouldve stick to their Korean and Japanese audience! Not worth playing because of how mundane the experience is in the game.

Is this what kids want nowadays? and boys just a tip get yourselves a real girlfriend okay!?

Im a fan of horse racing games but this is just to shitty for a simulation game even Gallop Racer a ps1 game offers alot more conplex breeding and strategy!

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Future Banners Team Comp If you rerolled for Tressa which is an absolute beast of a tanker and bp passer I would suggest to endure and save up for A2 which is the ultimate DPS that can deal 60000-99999 damage. A2 is a short burst unit so Tressa can stabilize her in long fights Ashlan's crit buff and Lynette"s atk buff maximizes A2's potential. If by any chance you rolled for Tahir or anyone that boosts axe sword knife while switching then A2 is an unstoppable force. 
Thats not all Tressa, Lynette and Ashlan are key units in maximizing a DPS' potential. If you can and must pull Tressa or else youre gonna wait for Titi. Thief debuffers are very situational so if you have a phys debuffer like Cless then its a welcome addition in maximizing firepower.
Banners like Olberic, Heathcoat, Cyrus, Hannit, Bravely Default, etc. are just a waste of rubies so save up and use your pity on A2!
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