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RPG and FPS is my cup of tea
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RPG and FPS is my cup of tea
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Brave Frontier ReXONA


Gumi is hated not just in Japan but globally after what they've done to FFBE and WOTV. So that's why you see Alim Co LTD as the publisher of this game. Take note that Alim is a subsidiary of Gumi.

Alim's track record in Japan and Global is very good in terms of how they handle and cater to their players. They seem to always have the right action to any problematic issues that pops up. I'm gonna try out this game since it's published by Alim.

I played the JP version and the only difference is they are very stingy AF in Global. I remember when it first launched in JP there are tons of gem rewards even small issues in game rewards 1000 gems if I recall it correctly!? but here you only get SSP(small stamina pots).

JP version suffered alot from people who modded the game hopefully in Global they will upgrade their defenses against modders!

Reroll: Who should you look for!

A2 4*(SSS tier) - is still the best character to invest. Her longevity far out shines the rest of automata vol.1/vol.2 characters due to her insane amount of DPS. Upto this date A2 still dominates PVE and PVP in JP. Its best to get her to LB4 ASAP! Use your pity and pray that you get alot of A2 dupes!

- recommended memory: +30% atk -30% def or +15% atk

F66x 4* - Your healer and will support your team in EX quests. Her skill heals party members for 40% HP at max level. She is definitely a keep.

- recommended memory: +15% atk or +15% def

Fio (Simulacrum Girl) - Same with F66x a healer though she's a mix of a tank and heals and if you dont have F66x she is a good pick for a support as well her skill deals damage and heals for 30% hp at max level.

-recommended memory: same as F66x or +15% crit

In your 3rd and final slot choose who ever you want to but in the long run when you unlock EX character quest and unlocked that specific charcter use her/him. If you enhanced/weapon upgrades the ff: characters (2P, 2B, 9S, Frenlyse, Lars). Dark-Lars is the best choice to get because he pumps alot of damage very useful in PVE on the other hand Gayle aka. Frenlyse is PVP oriented.

Subjugation: What to expect? It's akin to the raid mechanic seen in various gacha games it consists of 3 waves and a scoring method. You need to deal as much damage as you need to for you to get a high score. 3 waves meaning 3 characters in 1 wave (no duplicate character costumes) a total of 9 characters, 27 weapons, 9 companions and 27 memoirs.

Edit: The game's state is ultra fast they cramped in 4-5months worth of content in just 1 month. Again VERY STINGY AF no no free gems (gems you get from main stages arent counted). A total of 4-5 months worth of free gems gone in the drain.

Krazy Kakoom


Pata pata pata pon

Kingsense | English


The game is a rehash of their popular game Illusion Connect with a change on its gameplay. Illusion Connect is way better than this game.

Eden door | Japanese


a 2d side scroller gacha game with obnoxious rates and obviously this game copied the foundation of Grandchase trying to milk your wallets dry with an absurd amount of effort in limit breaking your character. Its system is so bad a mish and mash of what you already seen in other gacha games. Graphics is okay ofc its made in Unity Engine, Gameplay is good but damn the stages are very generic go forward and beat up some enemies even an arcade game such as fatal fury, caddilacs and dinosaurs etc. have diversity and uniqueness in their stages. This isnt an RPG its a beat em up game disguised as an RPG and it obviously failed its job on both.

If Simon were to judge this game "ITS A NO FROM ME!"

Play Together


This game is what we're waiting for! This whole thing is reminiscent of Nintendo's Mii the gameplay is a bunch of mini games that you can enjoy with other people like the Legendary "Miitopia" wayback Nintendo Wii and Wii U.

Its recommended for everyone who just wants to sit and relax have a chat and play with your friends or strangers unwind and speak your mind. This is the type of game that made MiiVerse popular!

No salty gacha, no overbearing challenges. Just pure fun!

Masterwork Apocalypse a cookie cutter gacha game with a few tweaks in its gameplay.

The gameplay is similar to "Skies of Arcadia" (Dreamcast) and The "Shadow Hearts" Saga (PS2) minus the Judgment Ring wherein you can move freely in the battlefield and prepare your next move or attack/skill an enemy within range. Shadow Hearts features the same combo system used in Masterwork Apocalypse as shown in the tutorial stages.

Ive already seen all kinds of RPG from the NES era up until today and Masterwork Apocalypse is an enjoyable rpg though it lacks something to be called something unique to other Gacha games

A solid 4 out of 5



Fck! The game's animation is so effing beautiful on par with Guilty Gear. Overall the game is the same as other gacha games. Rates are okay 3.5% and a reroll 30 times tutorial summon.

Leap Trigger


My phone is definitely AR supported I can play a bunch of AR Games like Witcher, Pokemon Go and Catan World Explorers. Now you gave me an error stating that my phone doesn't support AR? Are you fcking kidding me I'm using Asus Zenfone 7/7 pro!

A cookie cutter gacha game. They shouldve stick to their Korean and Japanese audience! Not worth playing because of how mundane the experience is in the game.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


Is this what kids want nowadays? and boys just a tip get yourselves a real girlfriend okay!?

Im a fan of horse racing games but this is just to shitty for a simulation game even Gallop Racer a ps1 game offers alot more conplex breeding and strategy!

Warau Ars Notoria


Wtf! you need dupes to unlock the 2nd and 3rd sigil slot and on top of that you need to awaken your sigil it reeks of p2w!

Its either you fcking reroll over and over to get dupes for your character to at least unlock the 2nd sigil slot.

Note that character gacha updates everytime you finish a chapter meaning they will add new characters in the story gacha wth!

This is how you do a top down mmo

1 million downloads here we go!

Blue Archive


Cute Gun Slinging Gals on the run for pure fun and mayhem!

Reroll for the Back Type Dark Gal who's Ult is Spread Dark Shots she can clear content easily! (IDK who she is but she's the first featured character on the 2nd banner)

Nowadays graphics isnt a problem anymore with cutting edge technology available in your fingertips. Sound/BGM isnt an issue as well because you can create your own music with sound editors.

The 2 major components are gameplay and its story. MMO's are well known to have a cliche story line you go out do quests and something big happened then you go save the world yada yada yada and this game checks in to that cliche story.

Soul Worker failed to give me an impression of it's gameplay. It's auto combat feels your just like watching it! Just rehash the character skins copy and paste it then there you have "JUST ANOTHER AUTO-MMORPG".

There's nothing to be amazed of and just as I said just another mmo.

I started playing MTG way back 4th edition. It came to popularity until Weatherlight - Stronghold - Tempest was released. All of the venues we visited have alot benches waiting for someone to sit and play mtg! Tournaments and Nationals are huge with alot of competitors and a lot of decks waiting for you to discover.

Inquest(MTG's card magazine) is so popular waiting for a new card combo of the month and ofc more MTG news!

This card game is my childhood and dont be discouraged that MTG is harder to play than Yugioh or Pokemon. It's simple yet in the long run you will try a more complex deck.

I still have my childhood deck with me its Stasis with Icy Manip + Swords to Plowshares and Condom with Pariah + Radiant Angel.

So give this a try and you won't regret it!

Tera Classic | Japanese


I'm a veteran Tera player back in the days I played this game for 2 1/2 years before FFXIV Online was released. Now lets proceed to its mobile counterpart. This game is structured the same way as the PC version its either you grind to win or pay/buy with real money a +15 gear to the seller in the auction house!

Talking about the grind? Before I got a +15 Lucid Weapon it took me 2months because its heavily influenced by RNG and thats in the vanilla state of Tera.

Were luckt to have this game ported in mobile!

Rakugaki Kingdom


My Slimes will eat this game

Im still playing this game when it soft launched in 2018. This is one of my favorites. Powercreep isnt too big that will render your units unusable and Im still using my Mana Series characters Randi, Primm and Popoi they are still absolute in pvp and pve though they still have counters but its workable with skills that you get from your ARK.

Mega-grindy you need to have an auto-clicker or an emulator that can bot you 24/7 to unlock passives/talents but overall its worth it!

Graphics is fcking gorgeous like FFBE bc they have the same developers lmao! Gameplay is like Star Ocean real time action with lots of button mashing or you can just auto it!

Last Cloudia is one the best gacha games ever made in the mobile platform with the amount of hardwork and or bottting LMAO you can make any character OP!

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The game's state is Ultra fast For those people who just started and wanted to play the game for the first time. The state of the game is very fast 4-5 months of content in JP is cramped in Global in just 1-2months. 
If youre just starting and want to reroll I would recommend the Festive Banner and aim for as much as dupe as you want and take note that you need to at least hit 80k power. Festive Banner yields 4% rate for characters+weapons and a 5% rate for weapons.
Why 80k power? because it's enough to finish and 3* all the main quests provided that you have the right weapon elemental affinity. Pull as much as you want and aim for a max LB character. If you got your main team to do Memoir Dungeons try to aim for gold memoirs first then once you're able to hunt for 4* memoirs farm it like crazy.
Don't forget your Daily Dark Lair Quests. Whatever you do don't farm the coin and ticket stages just do the dailies. Lastly don't worry about "Subjugation" because it's permanent. Just keep it at your own pace and enjoy the story.
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