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Honkai: Star Rail


shitty fujobait game

i play solely for cunny

rip game some of the stories are good but the gameplay is shit

bad game with bad rates and im saying this as someone who has ainz shalltear ais and kuroko
gameplay is a generic ripoff of priconne
its a png collector auto battler nothing new

Genshin Impact


exploring is fun combat is still mostly braindead casual shit
after two years there are nothing but weak ass basic characters with recycled move sets and zero end game content because mihoyo is afraid of giving.players anxiety
ive been playing since day one with over 100k primos saved up since they keep releasing trash characters
story is pretty shit and only started picking up slightly at sumeru after two years
mihoyo took their profits and invested it in fujootome shit rather than reinvesting it back into genshin
still better than tower of cancer
genshin fans are mentally ill especially the ones on twitter
also if you started late then latelets have a major disadvantage
do not spend money on this game F2P god btw

changed bravely default stepup banner to paid gems and global barely gets any free gems
avoid or play on JP

started with the dmc rerun collab got vergil and nero
game gets boring real quick and is stingy as hell with free crystals
gacha rates are some of the worst ive ever seen
i only recommend downloading if there is a collab you like

Crash Fever | Japanese


decent side game generous and great music
ended up pulling miyu

World Flipper | Japanese


its an okay sidegame
got megumin and aqua

more like punishing global version

generic and cheap looking animations and cheap live 2d


Dragalia Lost



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